“Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” This old English tradition has been observed at weddings around the world and has a timeless appeal for brides both traditional and modern. Today we’re going to look at the origin of this wedding ritual and discover new ways to incorporate something blue into your ceremony. You don’t have to be the superstitious type to have fun gathering all the items the tradition recommends and appreciating the sentiment behind them.

The Rhyme That Started It All

The original saying has been traced back to 19th-Century England, where it appeared in an 1876 Lancashire newspaper. The author described a bride as adhering to an ancient custom by wearing:

“Something olde,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue –
and a sixpence in her shoe!”

Something old was worn to protect the child that would result from the union. Something new represented the potential for future happiness. Another item was borrowed from a happily married couple to transfer some of their luck to the newlyweds. Something blue represented fidelity and trust. And the sixpence in the bride’s shoe was a lucky token to bring prosperity.

Traditionally, the “something blue” requirement has been met with simple things like a blue gemstone in a ring, a blue garter hidden beneath the bride’s skirts, or a blue ribbon pinned to her dress. If you’d like to do something a little more unique, here are 10 ideas to inspire you!

wedding venue dallas txNew Spins on Something Blue

Your Wedding Ring

You might have heard diamond wedding rings aren’t as popular today as they once were. Between the price and the ethical questions surrounding diamond production, more of today’s brides are opting for alternative stones. Make your ring unique with a deep blue sapphire, a rare blue spinel, or an aquamarine the color of the ocean.

Your Manicure

Let your nails serve as a visual representation of your love and faithfulness by dressing them in shades of blue. From dark navy to bright cornflower and soft “Tiffany” blue, there’s a shade to compliment every color palette.

Your Dress

You can make a bold statement by wearing a blue gown, or opt for more subtle embroidery and embellishments in shades of blue.

Your Lighting

Our venue’s romantic uplighting can be switched to blue during your first dance as a married couple to signify your commitment to each other.

Your Cocktails

Keep your guests refreshed with Blue Lagoon margaritas, Sapphire martinis, and sparkling Something Blue champagne cocktails. Blue curaçao makes it easy and tasty!

Your Bouquet

Modern brides are going down the aisle carrying everything from roses to succulent arrangements. Why not dot your bridal bouquet with blue blossoms?

Your Headpiece

Whether your veil will be crowned with a tiara or a floral headpiece, accents of blue will make it uniquely beautiful. The veil itself could also be embroidered with blue edges in your favorite shade.

Your Ring Pillow

A blue satin or velvet ring pillow would be a sweet addition to any wedding ceremony. The ringbearer could wear a blue boutonniere to match!

Your Flower Basket

If you have flower girls at your wedding, they’ll certainly enjoy carrying a beautiful blue basket and sprinkling blue petals on the path you’ll walk down.

Your Getaway Car

At the end of the night, you and your new spouse could use a blue vehicle to make your getaway. Whether it’s a restored classic car, an electric blue motorcycle, or a horse carriage draped with blue fabric, it’s sure to make a lasting impression!

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