Coming up with unique wedding favors can be a challenge, but consider this: what is one thing everybody can appreciate? Good food! Here are 12 delicious suggestions for fun, creative wedding favors for your beloved guests. If you are planning your wedding in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, consider Hidden Creek for your special night. Our beautiful natural landscape can transform into anyone’s dream wedding venue.

1. Familiar Traditions

Weddings are typically filled with family members, and there is no better way to show them your appreciation than giving a familiar gift. Think about long-running food traditions in your family for your favors.

2. Personal Cakes

When a couple wants to have a creative cake option, they usually turn to cupcakes. Instead, consider small replicas of your wedding cake for each guest. They are super cute, and a fun take on a cake that’s uniquely yours.

3. Fresh Fruits

Small arrangements of fruit are another tasty treat for guests. You can customize each mini basket and add in whatever is growing locally.

4. Tiny Pies

Little, personal pies are a great alternative to cake for a wedding dessert. Additionally, there are so many varieties of pie, you can allow your guests to choose their own flavor!

5. Fun Fortunes

Personalized fortune cookies allow you to send your thanks to guests in a mystifying way. Include the couple’s name and wedding date, along with a loving message, for great memories.

6. Mugged Snacks

Monogrammed and dated mugs filled with pre-packaged snacks create a great gift for your guests to munch on while they head home after the party.

7. Olive Oil

A gift whose label can easily double as a name card, olive oil is a good, long-lasting reminder of your special night. Whenever your guests use it in the future, they can look back at your wedding!

8. Special Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is another gift that can promote lasting memories. A custom hot sauce made by the couple will be used in most anyone’s household, and it’s a fun conversation starter that will bring up your wedding in the future.

9. Homemade Cookies

There is just something so special about a good homemade cookie, especially when it is made by the guests of honor! With tons of recipes online, this is a great way to make a ton of wedding favors in one day and spend time with your future spouse before the wedding.

10. Personal Pizzas

No matter the occasion, everyone loves pizza. A three-inch personal pizza with a monogrammed box is a delicious and cute mid-party snack.

11. Mason Jar Cakes

Another great way to give your guests some dessert variety is by hand-making cakes in small mason jars. Using simple boxed cake mix, this can also be a fun DIY project to do before the wedding.

12. Midnight Snacks

What do you crave after a night of dancing and fun? Something salty? Something sweet? Offer your guests both by providing them a bottle of soda and a small bag of chips, packaged together in a personalized bag, to thank them for their attendance.  

Hidden Creek Events: Bringing Dallas Wedding Fantasies Alive

There are plenty of fun ways to show your wedding guests gratitude on your special night, but because everyone loves a good snack, a personalized edible treat may be the right option. Make sure your wedding is perfect from top to bottom by holding it at Hidden Creek. We are Dallas’ premier wedding and event venue and can make our beautiful location fit any reception. Call us at (972) 535-6686 or visit our website to book a visit. Get the best service and the perfect setting for your happy day!

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