20 Frugal Tips for Trimming Your Wedding Budget

Celebrating your special day in style doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re a bride on a budget, you’ll love these 20 tips for cutting your wedding costs without sacrificing the ceremony of your dreams.

Limit Alcoholic Drinks

Instead of serving a full bar, choose to only serve beer and wine to your guests. If you want to add some flare to the drink menu, serve a signature cocktail instead of offering an entire bar of drinks. Limited choices means lower drink costs, and you can choose a cocktail that goes with the theme or style of your wedding.

Comparison Shop Wedding Cakes

Don’t jump at the first cake shop you see. Instead, try comparison shopping at multiple shops in the area to see if you can get the cake you want for a lower price than other shops.

Make Your Cake the Dessert Course

Who needs a dessert table when your beautiful wedding cake is waiting to be eaten? Cut out the cost of luxury pastries and choose to serve your wedding cake as the dessert instead.

Choose In-Season Flowers

Most popular wedding flowers are available all year round, but opting for in-season flowers will most likely be the cheapest option. You might even find an in-season floral option goes better with your decorations than classic roses.

Combine Favors and Place Cards

Make creative favors with nametags on them instead of shopping separately for favors and place cards. These adorable favors might even add an intimate, handmade feel to your reception, and they’re a great way to cut costs without risking style.

Buy Local Ingredients

Don’t go for exotic fruits and imported fish when you can buy local ingredients that taste just as good? Shopping local doesn’t just save money- it’s a great way to support local farmer’s markets and businesses.

Have A Breakfast or Brunch Reception

Breakfast and brunch ingredients don’t cost nearly as much as dinner foods, so you might want to consider switching it up for your reception.

Top Off An Affordable Cake

Instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on an intricately detailed and massive cake, go for something small and affordable and choose the topper on your own. Small cakes can easily come to life with a vintage bride-and-groom topper or some tastefully arranged flowers.

Celebrate in the Off-Season

Some venues offer discounts for fall and winter weddings, so scheduling your wedding accordingly could save you thousands of dollars. Winter weddings can be absolutely stunning, so make the most of an off-season wedding day.

Hand-Made Favors

Assembling favors on your own can be extremely time consuming, but it’s also extremely affordable. Sit down with a good TV show and get started on your hand-made favors to save some extra money.

Prioritize A Few Parts of the Big Day

Going frugal on some aspects of your wedding makes it possible to splurge on others, so talk with your partner about the wedding traditions you’d like to prioritize.

Have A Friend Officiate

Officiants can be surprisingly costly, so save the money and ask a special friend or family member to officiate. The Universal Life Church makes it easy to get ordained in less than ten minutes, and the process is completely free.

All-Inclusive Venues

Some venues like Hidden Creek give you access to talented wedding coordinators for help with planning. Look out for these venues and save the cost of a wedding planner.

Get Help From Your Loved Ones

Instead of hiring a team to decorate your venue or assemble your favors, ask your loved ones if they can help for free. Odds are your loved ones will want to help in any way they can, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding free assistance.

Limit Calligraphy and Choose Free Fonts

Only get custom calligraphy for the cover of your programs and choose your favorite free fonts for the small text. This saves money and it might even make your programs easier to read.

Save on Your Dress

Keep an eye out for dress discounts, and even consider looking for a secondhand dress. If your mom saved her wedding dress, you could wear hers. The alterations still won’t cost as much as a new dress, and the gesture will mean a lot to her.

Hold A Punch-and-Cake Reception

Punch-and-cake receptions are simple and quick, and they go really well with summer weddings. They’re also the cheapest reception you can have, and you’ll be able to save on the decorations. 

Decorate With Candles

Replace flowers with candles during your ceremony for a warm, intimate experience. White candles are very affordable and can be purchased in bulk, and they’ll add a fairy-tale charm to your wedding.

Hire A DJ

Consider hiring a DJ instead of a full band for your wedding. The right DJ can still fire up the crowd, and they’ll be much cheaper than a band.

Choose A Public Space

Public spaces like parks and recreation centers are cheaper than traditional venues, and they might even be more ideal for the experience you want.

Make Your Wedding Magical at Hidden Creek

Hidden Creek is the perfect outdoor wedding venue to add a fairy-tale charm to your ceremony. Our venue combines beautiful scenery with peaceful privacy, and tucked away beyond the forest is an open field that’s great for capturing those sunset wedding photos. Visit our website today to schedule your tour of Hidden Creek!