Month: May 2020

10 Ethical Cosmetic Brands for Your Eco-Friendly Wedding Events

When you’re getting ready for your special day, cosmetic and skincare products are your best friend. If you’re looking for cosmetic brands you can feel good about supporting, it’s best to go for eco-friendly brands that try to reduce their impact on the environment and don’t test on animals. Here are ten eco-friendly brands to support when shopping for your wedding day products. 


Tarte walks the line between drugstore and high-end with its reasonable price and stellar performance. Tarte is completely cruelty free, and they only use sustainably harvested ingredients in their products. We recommend Tarte’s Amazonian Clay foundation and concealer line for the polished, smooth look you want. 


LUSH is one of the powerhouse brands behind the cruelty-free cosmetics movement, and they make a point to cut unnecessary packaging and recycle their empty containers. LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars are great for treating yourself to a relaxing bath the night before your wedding, and their all-natural skin and hair products are sure to make you feel like a goddess before you walk down the aisle.

True Botanicals

True Botanicals was born out of one woman’s frustration with the beauty industry after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She dedicated her life to creating potent, natural beauty products with the consumer and the planet in mind. True Botanical’s skincare line is simple, natural, and effective, and their glass packaging can easily be reused or recycled.


Illia is a brand truly dedicated to improving the beauty industry’s impact on the planet. Not only do they use recyclable materials for all their packaging, but they also take mailed in makeup packaging from any brand and recycle them responsibly to keep more waste from ending up in landfills. If you live in the US and wand to declutter before your wedding, you can mail in up to five empty makeup packages a month. 

Each & Every

Each & Every is a proud vegan and cruelty free personal care brand that only uses clean and natural ingredients and sugarcane packaging, so you can feel good about supporting their business while treating yourself before your special day. 


Pacifica is a more affordable option for radiant makeup and skincare products. They’re 100% cruelty free and vegan, and they use natural ingredients with no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or other nasties. We recommend Pacifica’s gorgeous eyeshadows and lip colors. 

E.l.f Cosmetics

There’s no shame in going drugstore, especially when the brand is cruelty free. E.l.f is one of the most well-known cruelty free cosmetics brands out there, and their vegan makeup brushes are great for anyone shopping on a budget. 

Authentic Beauty Concept

Authentic Beauty Concept is a haircare brand that values sustainability and natural, effective ingredients. Their products are free of microplastics and mineral oils, and the guar used in their products comes from the guar bean farmers of the Sustainable Guar Initiative of India. 

Lilah B.

Lilah B. was founded with the goal of helping people declutter their makeup routines. This brand’s cruelty free products come in minimalist all-white packaging, perfect for your wedding day lineup. They also offer a mail-in recycling program so you can declutter your makeup and skincare products without contributing to landfills. 


PRIIA is a cruelty free and vegan brand focused on making acne-safe mineral makeup products. If you’re prone to acne, PRIIA’s products are designed with you in mind. Their products don’t clog pores or inflame acne like other cosmetic products, and even the most sensitive skin won’t be irritated by these products. 

Have the Wedding of Your Dreams at Hidden Creek

If you’re planning the perfect wedding day, make it even better at Hidden Creek. Our gorgeous outdoor venue gives you the privacy you need and the fairy-tale feeling you want. With separate bride and groom lodges, gorgeous trees decorated in soft string lights, and an open meadow for photoshoots, you’re sure to have the wedding of your dreams at Hidden Creek. Schedule your virtual tour on our website today!

Grand Exit Ideas for Your Wedding, No Matter the Season

With all the planning you’ve put into your special day, we know you’re hoping for every part of your wedding to be perfect. No matter what time of year you plan on getting married, you deserve to tie your ceremony together with a show-stopping grand exit. Here are a few ideas for season-appropriate grand exits to wow your guests and make the most beautiful memories.

New Year’s Bells

If you’re starting your year off with a January celebration, ring in this new year with bells! You can attach small bells to the back of your getaway car, provide cowbells to the important people in your ceremony, or hand out small silver-plated bells to all your guests. Listen to the beautiful sounds as your guests wave goodbye in style!

Spring Flower Petals

Flower petals are an eco-friendly and beautiful addition to any spring wedding, and they can make a gorgeous grand exit when your guests throw them in the air to celebrate your new marriage. Whether you choose classic red rose petals or go with a seasonal flower that matches your colors, this bright pop of color is sure to make some gorgeous photos.

4th of July Sparklers

If you choose to combine your patriotism with your wedding on the 4th of July, hand sparklers out to your guests so they can wish you well and have fun at the same time! If lots of children will be at your wedding, they’ll love waving these sparklers around too. Plan your grand exit for the evening or night time so you can get the perfect photoshoot.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn weddings can be gorgeous, especially if you use the warm colors of nature to your advantage. Golden autumn leaves can be a beautiful contrast to your white dress, and they’re extremely cheap and easy to find! If you’re planning a fall wedding, be sure to bag up some leaves so your guests can rain them over you as you leave for your getaway car. These are also eco-friendly and won’t introduce any nasty or harmful chemicals to the environment around you!

Wintertime Snow

If you’re planning a winter ceremony, you probably want to tie in as much of the season as you can. Real snow might melt before your guests have a chance to throw it, but artificial snow can give the perfect winter look you want, and it’s completely safe for your guests to handle! Just hand out baggies of this magical powdery ‘snow’ so your guests can shower you in it as you and your new spouse head to your getaway car.

Make Your Wedding Magical at Hidden Creek

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Engaged man and woman sitting on park bench

Real Couples Share Tips for Handling a Rescheduled Wedding Date

If the COVID-19 pandemic has forced you to postpone your special day, you’re not alone. Handling a postponed wedding date can feel nearly impossible, but it’s important to understand your emotions and cope with them in a way that’s healthy and constructive. It’s easy to feel like no one around you understands what you’re going through, so we’ve put together a few pieces of advice from actual couples who’ve had to put their weddings off because of the pandemic. Here’s what they have to say. 

It’s Okay to Mourn Your Wedding Date

Sara Barto, a German bride who had to reschedule her May wedding, says the process hasn’t been easy for her or her partner, but she knew it was necessary. Not only was her guest list large, it included multiple people who were at high risk of contracting the virus. Her advice to couples dealing with the same thing is to “mourn your date and move on.” It’s easy to feel like you’ve lost something, but don’t let yourself lose hope. “Once you’re done mourning, you can start looking at the positives,” She says. “You have a few extra months to save up and plan the details. Not to mention, you’ll have quite a story to tell in ten years.”

Take Your Change of Plans in Stride

Instead of rescheduling their wedding, Lizzie Griffith and her husband decided to scale their wedding down to an intimate get-together with only their immediate family. Despite still having their wedding on the day they planned, the couple can’t help feeling like they’re missing out on the experience they had planned. This bride-to-be says she had to take the pain day-by-day and do her best to get perspective on it all. “As the days have passed, we have been able to talk, process, and pray together through the entire situation. Though it’s different than we panned, we have been able to gain perspective as each day passes and really remember what the purpose of a marriage is.” 

Lean on Your Partner (and Let Them Lean on You)

Drew Moxey and his partner, Ryan, just came back from separate bachelor parties when they realized they had to reschedule the wedding they’d planned to have by the Hudson River. Drew says the process was like a punch in the gut, but having his partner by his side was what helped most. He sees the ordeal as an opportunity to strengthen his relationship: “There’s a big power there to help you grow. Lean into one another fiercely, because you and your partner are truly in this together.” 

Make Your Wedding Magical at Hidden Creek

If you’re using this newfound free time to plan your wedding, make your special day perfect at Hidden Creek. Our beautiful outdoor venue give you the privacy you need and the beautiful scenery you want, and our wide-open field is perfect for capturing breathtaking wedding photos. Schedule your virtual tour of Hidden Creek today!