Month: September 2020

How to Deal with a Difficult Bridesmaid

Your wedding should be about you and your partner’s love and commitment to one another, but what do you do when one of your bridesmaids is making your special day all about her? It can be hard to deal with a bridesmaid who’s trying to take the spotlight on your special day, but that doesn’t mean you should fire her just yet. Here are a few things you can try before pulling the plug on a difficult bridesmaid.

Clearly Communicate Your Boundaries

Being trusted as the bridesmaid is a big responsibility, and it’s important for your bridesmaids to know what they’re getting into earlier in the planning process. Be sure to tell your bridesmaids what kind of ceremony you want, what you expect every one of them to help with, and what you’re not willing to change. It’s your wedding day after all, so don’t let any of your bridesmaids take away your vision. They should also know about how much they’re expected to spend on things like dresses and flowers for the ceremony and any events you want them to arrive at. Setting clear expectations and boundaries allows you to take control of your wedding planning before a pushy bridesmaid can jump in to change it. 

Keep her at a Healthy Distance

If your bridesmaid is taking over your wedding planning process, try giving her smaller assignments to keep her busy. Instead of taking her to tour venues with you, ask her if she can take on tasks like putting favors together or sending invitations out. This helps you keep her at a distance from your biggest wedding decisions while still letting her feel involved. You can’t take care of everything on your own, so don’t be afraid to hand off smaller tasks when your bridesmaid tries to take control of your wedding plans.

Be Prepared to Have a Talk with her

If nothing else works, just be honest with your bridesmaid. Tell her how much you appreciate her dedication, but that you want to experience the wedding planning process with your fiance. This might be hard for your bridesmaid to hear at first, but she’ll be receptive to what you’re saying if she cares about you. Tell her how she can be more supportive, and listen to anything she might have to say.

If your bridesmaid keeps being pushy after you’ve had a talk with her, it might be time to kindly ‘fire’ her. Not all friends are cut out to be bridesmaids, and you can find another person to fill her shoes. 

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How to Bake Your Own Wedding Cake

Whether you’re passionate about baking or just trying to conserve money in your budget, there are a lot of great reasons to bake your own wedding cake rather than hiring a professional. But if you’re planning to bake your own cake, there are some things you need to know. Here’s our guide to baking your wedding cake, from buying ingredients to getting it to the venue.

Think About What you Want

First, try to envision the cake you want and research your inspiration. If you want an extravagant tiered cake, learn the baking process and then make a smaller one to practice. Try making flowers out of icing or laying fondant on practice cakes as well to ensure you can make the wedding cake you really want. If you want something outside of the box, there are plenty of resources for less conventional wedding cakes as well. Just make sure you know the look you’re going for, and that you have the practice to execute it well.

Consider Your Baking Needs

Is your oven large enough to fit the bottom tier of your cake? If not, do you have access to an oven larger than your own? What baking and decorating supplies will you need? Can you frost and decorate the cake at home or will you need to do it at the venue? Make sure you’re as prepared as possible while you’re still in the planning phase to make your life easier when it’s time to bake the cake.

Plan Ahead

For a cake as large as the one you’re probably planning to make, you’ll need a plan to transport it. Depending on your cake’s ingredients, it might be too fragile to transport in one piece. You might have to move it in separate layers or decorate the cake after it gets to the venue. If your car doesn’t have enough space for the entire cake, you might need to get help from a friend or family member. Your cake should ideally be dropped off the night before or the morning of your wedding ceremony so you have plenty of time to perfect it and get ready to walk down the aisle.

Know When to Ask for Help

Wedding cakes are large, incredibly detailed, and very difficult to make. Wedding cakes are expensive and time consuming for any professional, and especially for non-bakers. If you need help getting your cake right, or if you don’t think you’ll be able to make your cake the way you want, there’s no shame in hiring a professional to take the task off your hands. 

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How you can Include Your Adult Children in Your Wedding

It’s traditional for children of the bride and groom to be incorporated into the wedding ceremony as flower girl or ring bearer, and involving your child in your wedding is a great way to show how much you care about them. But what if your child is an adult? It may take more creativity, but you have a lot of options when it comes to giving your adult child a role in your special day. Here are a few things your kid can do in your wedding.

Best Man or Maid of Honor

If the groom wants his son by his side, there’s no better way to do that than making him the best man. The best man usually has the responsibility of arranging a bachelor party and giving a speech or reading at the ceremony, and putting your son in the role shows a great deal of love and trust for him. 

The same goes for making your daughter the maid of honor! Maids of honor typically have a hand in the wedding planning process as the bride’s right-hand, and they can also plan a special bachelorette party and give a speech during the ceremony. This is a great role for your adult daughter, and working together to plan the wedding of your dreams can bring the two of you even closer together.

Perform a Ceremony Reading

Although ceremony readings are traditionally given by mothers of the bride and groom, not every mother is going to be up to the task. A great alternative is to give the role to your adult child. Let them pick a reading that means a lot to them and give your child the spotlight during the ceremony.

Ceremony Officiant

Give your child a key role on your special day by letting them marry you off! This is a great way to make your wedding feel more personal and sentimental. Many states are vague about who can officiate a wedding ceremony, and it might be as simple as filling out an online form. However, you might want to check with your city clerk’s office to ensure your child will legally be able to marry you and your spouse. 

Giving Away the Bride

If the bride’s father can’t or doesn’t want to give her away, don’t be afraid to stray away from tradition and give the job to your adult child instead. This role is traditionally filled by a man, but who says your daughter can’t walk you down the aisle?

Give a Reception Toast

Whether funny or sentimental, your child has a lot of material to share with your reception guests. Let your child lead the reception crowd in celebrating your marriage. Just be sure to keep your pool of reception toasters small to enhance the importance of those who have the honor of speaking.

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