Month: January 2021

Transportation Ideas for Your 2021 Wedding

After your wedding, you’ll be eager to ride off into the sunset with your new spouse. The only thing more exciting than actually getting married is getting to spend the next week on your honeymoon with the love of your life. We’ve all seen the tear-jerking moment in Rom-Coms where the groom gathers up the bride’s train and helps her into their car. Then they drive away, waving goodbye to their guests with a “just married” sign tacked to the trunk, followed by rattling cans. This scene was more commonly a reality in the past. However, in modern times the happy couple has other options. 


Sports Car

A sports car can be a fun and flashy option. While this can be a more expensive option, this is your special day, and (hopefully) you’ll only do it once. If you or your spouse like fast cars, this option could be for you. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of getting behind the wheel of a Tesla. Your wedding gives you the perfect excuse to splurge!

Vintage Vehicle

There are a couple of routes you can take with this option. Perhaps you could get a classic antique car for your chic vintage wedding. Or you could choose a vintage truck adorned with flowers and garland for your beautiful rustic wedding. Old vehicles are a timeless option, and they can be gorgeous props in your wedding photos. Vintage vehicles are a fantastic way to keep your theme going through the whole event. 


Horse-drawn Carriage

This is the way to go if you want to live out your fairytale romance and feel like a princess on your wedding day. Many carriages are beautiful with intricate designs. A horse-drawn carriage is sure to make your day magical.


Two-Wheel Transportation

There are so many two-wheel options. This is great if you want to be alone with your partner. It’s also usually more of an affordable and low-key selection. You and your groom could zoom away on a Vespa or a motorcycle. Meanwhile, environmentally conscious couples may prefer a tandem bike.



Renting a limo is a classic selection. However, now you have the option of a traditional sleek stretch limo or an SUV limo. This is a fantastic option for newlyweds that want to take their wedding party with them when moving to a new location. 


This is a good option if you are having a small wedding and want to keep everyone close by. You can even hold your reception on the party bus or shuttle.


Golf Cart

If you hold your wedding at a golf course or country club chances are they’ll already have some golf carts. This is a fun way to get from place to place and would help you keep the theme uniform. 



You could use a boat as your main transportation. There are many options including rowboats, gondolas, sailboats, and yachts.

Hidden Creek

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How to Plan a COVID-safe Wedding Menu

Experts say that there’s little evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted through food. Food safety has been a hot topic ever since COVID hit. This has been especially true as it relates to weddings and events. If you’re planning a wedding during this time of chaos and COVID, you’re most likely concerned about your guests’ safety. Wedding caterers are concerned as well. However, there are precautions you can take to keep everyone healthy. Caterers have made a lot of adjustments and know how to make a delicious low-risk meal for your guests.

More safety measures 

Make sure your caterer is taking safety measures at their facilities and on-site. The addition of face masks and gloves are the most obvious change. However, there are many other precautions that should be happening behind the scenes.

Outdoor seating, if possible

The best place to hold your reception is outside. Set up some tables on the lawn and plan for your guest to sit with others from their household. Doing this will help minimize the risk of spreading germs during dinner.

Plated meals 

Many couples and caterers are choosing plated dinners. This helps with social distancing. A family-style meal is still an option, but pre-plated food is safer. Plated food is safer because the food is served directly to each guest from the kitchen. However, family style be more comfortable guests sitting together, especially if they’re a group of family or friends who quarantine together. They will share serving utensils, but it will be a contained group. Buffets are still doable but take more time and planning. The serving staff would be serving at the buffet and not having guests touch or handle the utensils until the end of the food table when their plate is handed to them.

Beverage Bars

You can offer a couple of different areas to get beverages or drinks instead of all in one location. This does require more space, but helps with social distancing. You should also look into using disposable cups and plates for service. If you really have your heart set on glassware, just have enough for single-use.

Pre-plated desserts

Like a cocktail hour, the wedding cake and other desserts can be served on disposable plates and served directly to guests. Instead of large dessert buffets, each guest can receive their own plate of assorted treats. Wedding cakes aren’t going anywhere, but treats such as cupcakes and cake pops ( or even fun jarred desserts!) are rising in popularity. These are good options because they can be served to each guest individually.

Guest safety

Place hand sanitizer around at tables and bars. This will encourage guests to keep their hands clean. You can also have masks at doorways or entries to buildings to make sure everyone has access to one.

Hidden Creek amid COVID-19

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Things to Consider When Setting Your Wedding Date

It’s time to set the date for your wedding! While choosing your wedding date may seem like it should be a simple task, but there is a list of factors you and your fiance should consider before setting anything in stone. Until you decide when you would like to get married, you can’t commit to anything. You might be asking yourself, “How do I pick a date that works for everyone and is still special to me?” or “How do I even start with this decision?”

First Step in Wedding Planning

You can’t have a wedding without a venue, and you can’t reserve a venue until you have dates that work best for both of you. Have 3 – 5 dates rated from your top pick down. This information will be beneficial as you start calling churches and event venues. 

What type of weather do you want?

The most popular months to get married are June, September, and October. The weather is most pleasant in early summer and fall. Remember there can always be some unseasonably strange weather, plan accordingly. Consider the style of wedding you want and the right season for it as you begin to think about your wedding date.

Keep your careers in mind

You should consider any job-related conflicts that might arise before finalizing a wedding date. If you are a teacher, when are the best times to be on a honeymoon? If you are a CPA, tax season would not be a good time. If you try to plan your wedding around the schedules of your friends and family members, you’ll drive yourself crazy. 

Know Your Budget

If you are on a tight budget you will want to avoid busy seasons. Marrying on a Friday, Sunday, or during the workweek can be much cheaper. It can be difficult for your guests during the week, but if you’re having a small wedding and give them plenty of notice, your friends and family will understand.

Give Yourself Time, Don’t Rush

Anything is possible. Planning your dream wedding in record time is possible, but there might be areas that you will have to sacrifice. Keep in mind the cost that it will take to ensure that your celebration can be pulled off quickly. Make sure you give yourself enough time to plan for the things that are truly important to you.

Hidden Creek Meets Your Needs

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What to Look for At A Venue Open House

Selecting the venue for your wedding can be one of the most exciting parts of planning the wedding. The setting will forever be pictured in your memories. An open house will allow you to see the venue decorated and you get to enjoy food and drinks while seeing if the venue is what you are looking for.

What to Expect

Think about a venue open house much like a realtor open house. You will get to tour the venue on your own. You will also be able to ask questions about the venue to see if it will be a good fit. If you are recently engaged and trying to figure out when and where visiting a couple of different open houses can help you with this.

Check Out the Atmosphere

Seeing the venues in person will help you with getting a feel for the venue. It will also help you to know if your theme will fit with the venue. Use this opportunity to picture your decorations and color scheme in the space, or to get some inspiration. You can even take photographs so that you don’t get confused after visiting several venues.

Meet the Venue Coordinator

Taking the time to attend an open house gives you the opportunity to see who you would possibly be working with, one-on-one. Make sure you feel comfortable communicating with the venue and coordinator, and that they are willing to openly communicate as well. 

Meet Preferred Vendors

Attending an open house allows you to see many different vendors all in one place. The vendors typically include florists, DJs, bands, caterers, photographers, videographers, wedding planners, and more. These are the trusted businesses that the venue has experience working with, and knows will provide their clients with a good experience.

Ask Questions

A few days before the open house, think about any questions you need to be answered and write them down. This is your opportunity to get each one answered directly, without the hassle of back and forth phone calls. It is meant to be a fun, low-pressure event for everyone involved to enjoy.

Hidden Creek Event Venue

The best way to check out a potential wedding venue is to visit in-person. You can look online at pictures and videos, but they never do venues justice. Use the online format to check the dimensions and capacity, but you need to visit to get a real feel for the mood and atmosphere. Hidden Creek offers a gorgeous outdoor venue for your special day, combining the scenery you want with the privacy you need. Our wooded venue sits beside a beautiful creek, and our open meadow is perfect for capturing magical wedding photos. Call or visit our website to schedule a tour of Hidden Creek today!