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Wedding Traditions: The History of Hope Chests

For generations, women have opened up the cedar chests given to them by their mothers and looked through the precious heirlooms. When the time comes the new owner lifts the wooden lid to include their own contribution. The bottom is usually full of quilts, kitchenware, and embroidered goods. The upper shelves may hold delicate objects carefully wrapped in linen. This age-old object is known to be full of treasures accumulated over many generations. The hope chest signals hope for the new marriage and prepares a young woman by gifting her with essential items. A mother typically gifts this to her daughter as she prepares to move in with her new husband. 


What is a Hope Chest?

Traditionally, a mother fills a hope chest to give to her daughter on her wedding day. Then, it can be passed down through the generations. It’s usually used to help prepare your daughter for marriage or a new child. The items inside can be sentimental or useful for daily life. However, it can also be used when your child leaves home for the first time, and it can be modernized. 



The concept of hope chests are centuries old. It was common to fill the chest with a dowry and essential items to help the new bride start her life as a wife. They commonly included linens and heirlooms. 


The modern hope chest is derived from the European version that was popularized during the Renaissance. However, documentation shows that hope chests were even used in ancient Egypt. 


Hope chests were very popular in the 1950s. They can be simple boxes or incredibly decadent. They are designed to relocate with the bride to her new home. However, due to their large size, it can still be difficult to move around. 


Modern Hope Chests

Hope chests are more sentimental now. They contain items with sentimental value and anything that will help the daughter get a good start in life. In the past, they were filled with oil lamps, dishes, linens, and more. The purpose was to make a good wife, so everything was functional.


 Now, it’s a way for mothers to pass down heirlooms and other things that their daughter will enjoy. 


Filling a Hope Chest

A hope chest can become an impressive heirloom over time. It’s meant to be passed down from generation to generation. Each mother is supposed to add to it, and then give it to her daughter. There is no right or wrong way to fill it, but you should look for things that will be useful to the young woman in your life. 


You can include inspirational books, family photos and videos, recipe books, letters, fine china, jewelry and antiques, linen, baby stuff, journals, kitchenware, and more. 

What is it made of?

The hope chest is usually made of Cedar. This type of wood repels insects and fungus, which protects the delicate items stored inside. However, it can also be made of other types of wood or you can use sturdy luggage. 


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How to Stop Technology From Ruining Your Wedding Ceremony

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and most people find themselves constantly attached to their smartphones. This can cause trouble on your big day from phones ringing to rogue guests playing paparazzi and blocking your photographer. Phones can quickly become a headache for brides-to-be. Here are some ways technology can get in the way of a perfect wedding and how to stop it. 


Common Ways Technology Can Ruin Your Wedding


Phones ringing during the ceremony

This is an embarrassing occurrence for the guest and an irritating distraction for you. The last thing you want to hear during your nuptials is a grating ringtone drowning out the officiant while your guest scrambles to turn it off.


Guests playing paparazzi

You spent a lot of time finding the perfect photographer and you’re excited to see the beautiful photos and reminisce about your special day. This is a day you can’t get back and photographers can be costly. So it can feel soul-crushing when you get your photos back and see a guest leaning into the aisle to take a low-quality photo and blocking the professional. It can also be disorienting when guests take pictures with the flash on.


Posting photos without permission

You may be a private person or just want to be the first to share photos. It can be annoying to log in to your social media accounts just to find unflattering photos or realize that your guests were posting updates during the event and not paying attention.


Checking notifications

People often think they are discreet and no one will notice if they answer a text message or check their push notifications. However, it can leave you feeling offended that they’re seemingly uninterested in what’s going on. It’s hard not to take notice when things like this happen.

How to Prevent Technology From Stealing Your Thunder

Consider having an “Unplugged Wedding”! Ask your guests to keep their devices off and out of sight during the ceremony or reception. You want to see your guests, not phones being held in front of their faces. You already hired a professional to capture this special occasion so you don’t need any help from Auntie Lucille and her iPad.

5 Ways to Announce an Unplugged Wedding


  1. Tell guests that there will be a photographer and let them know that you want them to just sit back and enjoy themselves. 
  2. Ask guests to put away their devices because you want them to be fully present with you in the moment. 
  3. Tell guests that weddings can be stressful and it would be reassuring to see their smiles, rather than a sea of phones.
  4. Consider setting a time before the wedding or during the reception when people can get photos with you. 
  5. Communicate your expectations on a sign at the venue or on the wedding invitations. You may also want to make an announcement before the ceremony commences to remind your guests. 


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How to Include Kids in Your Wedding

A lot of women start dreaming about their wedding when they’re still just little girls. Some go as far as planning it and making dream boards and scrapbooks. Their ideas are often pulled straight from a fairy tale, complete with a beautiful white dress and a handsome prince. While the plans for their perfect wedding can get quite elaborate, most young girls don’t think about including children. 


When the day comes and your prince charming pops the question sometimes it may not just be two lives that will be changing. Whether you and your fiancée already have kids, or just one of you does it can require some extra planning. 


Give Them a Job

One of the best ways to make a child feel important is to include them. The role you give them will probably be based on their age, but consider giving them a title if you can. The child in your life could be a flower girl, ring bearer, bridesmaid, groomsmen, or usher. Even the smallest role could make a child who’s nervous feel at ease. 



Even if your child doesn’t have a job you can coordinate colors. The dresses, ties, jewelry, and boutonnieres can all match. This is a cute and subtle way of showing that you’re all together and all one family. 



It’s standard protocol to make wedding vows to your partner. However, you can also make a vow to your child or step-child. Promise that you will always love them and take care of them. This is a great way of helping them understand you’re also committing to them, and not just their parent.  



A wedding can be stressful for kids, especially if their biological parents separated. You can give them an heirloom or any other token of affection to show that you see them as a part of your family. This is a sweet way to show them that they’re important and won’t be left out. 



Cake toppers typically sit atop a decadent multi-tiered cake and represent the couple. However, you can also choose to have it represent the family. You can personalize the cake topper to make it look like each individual in the family. You can either place the kids on top with you and your spouse or set them on different tiers. You can give each child their cake topper at the end of the ceremony as a fun keepsake. 



Let them help you plan the ceremony! Kids are creative and they might have some good suggestions that you would’ve otherwise overlooked. Older kids can be given a bit more responsibility. They might have good input about color schemes, goodie bags, and centerpieces. Not to mention cake tasting! Just about every kid would be willing to volunteer their time for that. They can also help you with some of the more menial tasks that are stressing you out. Most kids love to help, so let them lick the envelopes, fold programs, stuff goodie bags, and distract your mother-in-law. 


Don’t Force Them

These are some good ways to include kids in your wedding, whether or not they’re biologically yours. However, it’s important to remember that you’re including them; not forcing them. Some kids have strong feelings about their parents getting married and you should let them decide how much they’re comfortable with helping. 


Hidden Creek Event Venue

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