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The Wedding Checklist of Princess Diana’s Dreams


The royal family has always been a hot topic in the news. As of late, they’ve been quite a mainstay in the news cycle. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle especially have found themselves at the center of the buzz after an emotional interview with Oprah. However, one member of the royal family’s relevance persists without the influence of current events. Diana, the Princess of Wales was a force in pop culture during her reign as princess and remains well-loved years after her death. Princess Diana is a famed member of the British royal family and mother to Prince William and Harry. 

Princess Diana is remembered for being a loving mother, a humanitarian and, above all else a bonafide-style icon. Diana is fondly regarded as one of the most untraditional members of the royal family. She was a true representative of the people and carried out her duties to the public in an affectionate way. Princess Diana dedicated her life to breaking down barriers between royals and commoners with her charity work. Before Diana, the family was more of an omniscient presence for the British public, rather than the more accessible monarchy they posit themselves to be now. She made being glamorous and powerful look attainable for the average person. The princess wanted people to know that at the end of the day, she was just a person.

As the peak of the wedding season rapidly approaches, here’s how to tap into the essence of Diana for a truly sensible, stylish, and memorable wedding.


The Wedding Dress

The sight of Princess Diana in her white ball gown of a wedding dress is something straight out of a storybook. With her puffy sleeves (which aren’t quite as in style as they were on that day in 1981), stunning jewels, intricate lace designs, proliferation of bows and colorful engagement rings, Diana’s style is one that carries through in the wedding industry today.

As you begin to plan your own wedding and find that dream dress, take a note out of Princess Diana’s book. Take some bridal fashion risks if they feel right to you. The style of the dress should always be up to the bride and the bride alone. After all, it’s her day to shine in the glow of the prosperous future while her partner waits at the altar. The princess never stifled herself by stepping into someone else’s expectations. Instead, she did what she wanted and kept the public on their toes, surprising them with scintillating accessories, a 25-foot cathedral train, and a dazzling tiara headpiece that remains timeless.

From a more technical standpoint, the princess utilized luxurious fabrics and elaborate embroidery that complimented the quintessential female figure, accentuating the curves of a woman in a modest but exciting way that elevates the pageantry we’re familiar with today in a more elegant and simple way. If you’re not into heels, rest assured that the princess wasn’t either and rocked some designer flats on her fairy tale day.


The Culinary Genius

Now, the food at Princess Diana’s wedding might be different from the menu offered at your wedding. She had expert chefs and an endless budget at her disposal. But, there are some inspiring takeaways from the wedding breakfast served in the typical English tradition that may apply to good ‘ole Texas culinary craft.

The wedding breakfast consisted of traditional strawberries and cream, brill in lobster sauce, stuffed chicken with lamb mousse, and a fruitcake with white icing, roses, lilies, and orchids. It’s a lot for breakfast, but the elegance of the food can be achieved at your own wedding. You can incorporate some timeless and accessible signature dishes into your wedding menu. You could serve refreshing strawberries and cream, as well as the savory stuffed chicken at your own wedding. Add some Texas spice and it’s perfect! These dishes are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 


The Hidden Message

Some parts of your wedding should remain special to you. Not everything is meant to be consumed by wedding guests and picked apart by social media, even if it is well-intentioned and celebratory. Princess Diana understood this, which is why the sole of her flats held the custom “C” and “D” painted inscriptions from shoemaker Clive Shilton. She included this for her own purposes, and this secret detail was just for her. It was a sweet romantic gesture that no one else saw, but was special for the princess. She held this one thing close to her soul while embarking on her new future, stepping into her new role with grace we can only envy.


Hidden Creek Event Menu

As you actualize your wedding fantasy, know that it has a home at Hidden Creek, where elegance in a classy venue and picturesque landscape remains. Whether you’re hoping to host an elaborate wedding worthy of a princess or a minimal laidback affair the Hidden Creek venue can meet your needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation and start planning your special day. 

Wedding Traditions and Where They Originated

Why does a bride carry a bouquet down the aisle?  Why are wedding cakes tiered? Why are wedding dresses white? There are so many wedding traditions, but most people don’t know where they originated. Personalizing your wedding to make it fit your style and personality is important. Part of the planning process is deciding which wedding traditions you want to keep, and which ones you would rather skip. Whatever you decide, get to know the history behind some of the most common American wedding traditions.

The Dress

Fashion evolves every year, and this includes bridal gowns. Bridal gowns tend to blend and reflect traditions, customs, and current events. Queen Victoria of England popularized white wedding gowns. She wore the first white wedding dress on her wedding day in 1840. After that, the white wedding dress as we know it today became the standard. Now, 182 years later, people still follow her example.

Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

In ancient Rome, matching outfits meant good luck and were a common wedding tradition. People believed evil spirits would attend the wedding and attempt to curse the bride and groom. Bridesmaids acted as decoys by dressing identically to the bride to confuse malevolent spirits. They thought that the spirits would be unsure which one was the bride, and would leave her alone. They believed the matching dress would allow the couple to wed in peace.

The Bouquet

Flower bouquets originated in ancient Greece and Rome. Women carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs, and spices to ward off evil spirits. Many people also believed that the natural bundles would help prevent wedding guests from contracting the plague. Brides carrying their favorite flower is a tradition that became popular in 1840. This was because Queen Victoria carried a bouquet of snowdrops when she married Prince Albert. Queen Victoria’s love of the flower influenced coming generations of brides. Today, brides generally select a flower arrangement that holds sentimental value, matches their wedding theme, or is simply beautiful.

Ring on Ring Finger

This traditional western placement of the wedding ring can also be attributed to the Romans. They believed that the fourth finger on the left hand was connected directly to the heart by a vein called “the vein of love.”  For years newlyweds have placed their wedding bands on this finger during their nuptial ceremony. However, this signifier of everlasting love and commitment isn’t the status quo around the world. Other cultures have been documented placing the ring on another finger, or even the other hand. This particular tradition is typically honored in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Something Old, Something New

This English tradition revolves around the items a bride should have in her possession at her wedding. The old English rhyme goes, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe.” It was generally believed that these items would bring luck and prosperity to the marriage. “Something old” honors the bride’s ancestry and her past. It also serves as a protective talisman to protect future children and promote fertility. “Something new” offers hope for the newlywed’s future. It’s typically a gift that offers a dose of optimism.  “Something borrowed” is also meant to bring good luck. Traditionally, the bride borrows a small keepsake or jewelry from someone who is happily married. “Something blue” signals love, purity, and fidelity which are some tenants of a healthy and long-lasting marriage. “Sixpence in your shoe” is a token to promote security and stability in your future home with your spouse.

The Wedding Cake

The tradition of a wedding cake dates back to ancient Rome. The guests broke a loaf of bread over the bride’s head to symbolize fertility. The newlyweds would share a few bites while guests would gather up the leftover crumbs for good luck. In medieval England, the bride and groom would try to kiss over a pile of stacked spiced buns, scones, and cookies. This supposedly ensured a prosperous future if they were able to successfully smooch without toppling the whole thing over.  This was a precursor to the tiered wedding cakes of today.

Hidden Creek Events

There are a lot of fun wedding traditions to explore while you plan your wedding. There are also some quirky and crazy options that may just make you giggle. Regardless, of which traditions you choose to uphold or skip our coordinator at Hidden Creek events can help you plan a dazzling and memorable day. We can help you prepare for your wedding, and we offer a romantic wooded getaway to host your storybook wedding. Give us a call or book a visit online to explore our venue further and get more information from our capable and dedicated staff.

The Best Places to Register for Wedding Gifts in 2021

Putting together a wedding registry may be one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process. Picking out your dress and bouquet are the typical decisions a bride-to-be expects to make. However, once your special day is done and the guests go home those things are set aside. But your special day doesn’t have to be over! After your honeymoon, when you and your new husband return home, you can open the wonderful gifts (specifically chosen by you) that you will build your new life together with.

This website is a popular universal registry that lets you put together the perfect wedding gift registry. You can sync registries from a number of big name companies like Amazon, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn, and Macy’s! This means you can get the best of the best and your guests won’t have to struggle to find what you want on a bunch of different registries. This site is also a great option for couples who want to do their own shopping, because they offer a cash gift feature so people can give you money directly. 

All you have to do to use this website is scan a product’s barcode and it gets added to your registry! If the store you want something from doesn’t have a website, snap a pic of the item with your phone, and upload it. You can add information about the store and price manually in the app. 


This all-inclusive wedding gift registry website carries over 1,000 top brands. You can register for classic gifts like home essentials, gift cards, or a cash honeymoon fund. You can also add gifts from other sites, so guests can shop in one place. Zola notifies you when someone buys you a gift and lets you choose when you want the gifts to ship. If you change your mind, just exchange it before it ships or return the gift. This comprehensive site also offers a wedding planning checklist, invitations, access to local vendors, and free wedding website builds. 


This wedding gift registry is essentially a bank that funds your dream honeymoon. This registry won’t ever charge your guests a fee for using it, and you get immediate access to your funds. Your guests can choose to gift you with either cash or gift cards. Honeyfund offers gift cards for a variety of travel, dining, shopping, and entertainment companies. This is an affordable option to keep your funds in one place because the platform doesn’t charge a fee, and processing fees are kept low because they work with PayPal to deposit your money. 

Blueprint Registry

This fantastic registry tool lets couples shop by room and envision the way your future home will look. Shoppers can browse over 5,000 products right from the Blueprint Registry website. You can also import other registries into Blueprint and keep your gifts in one place. If there’s a product you really had your heart set on but didn’t receive, Blueprint Registry offers 10% off for a whole year after your wedding day. You can also build a wedding website with Blueprint registry and sync your registry to it directly, so your guests can browse easily. 

Hidden Creek Events

These full-service wedding registries are a great way to create a wedding gift registry that has everything you want and is easy for your guests to navigate. After your dazzling wedding day comes to an end, you can go home with your new spouse and start decorating your home with your new gifts. 

When you’re ready to start planning your wedding day our experienced coordinator will help you book the beautiful Hidden Creek venue. Our charming venue is nestled in a wooded area, where you can hold a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, before finishing up your magical night dancing in our indoor barn-style ballroom. With Hidden Creek, you can let go of some of the wedding planning stress. Our wedding coordinator will create an itinerary, finalize vendors, help with decorations, and every other minute detail. Contact Hidden Creek today, to start planning the first day of your happily ever after.

Best Podcasts to Help Plan Your 2021 Wedding

It can be hard to find time to plan your wedding while trying to keep up with all of your other responsibilities. The stress continues to build when you don’t even know where to start looking, or you’re not sure what you don’t know. Podcasts can be a fun and simple way to get some foundational information and start planning your perfect wedding day. You can learn how to make a budget, select floral arrangements, and where to find your bridesmaid’s dresses all on your commute to work. We’ve compiled a list of popular wedding planning podcasts to help you get started. 

Almost to the Aisle

This is a Dallas-Fort Worth-based wedding planning podcast hosted by the owner of Hitched Events, a local wedding planning company. The owner, Kimberly Rhodes hosts the podcasts and shares her extensive knowledge of the wedding planning process.  She is joined by one of four other local wedding planners to take a deep dive into the wedding planning process. They cover topics from vision boarding on Pinterest to formulating a backup plan if something (god forbid) goes wrong at your wedding. This podcast is useful to brides because these industry professionals have years of combined experience, and are sharing it in a fun podcast you can listen to on your way to work. 


The Bouquet Toss

This freshly launched wedding planning podcast advises listeners on how to host the wedding of their dreams while keeping a budget. They have honest discussions about weddings, and where you can pare back to save money. They still know how important this day is though, so they’ll help you find ways to have a beautiful wedding that feels authentic to you and your future spouse. This podcast is hosted by Jessica Bishop, the founder of, and Real Weddings editor Sari Weinerman. Brides who are planning their weddings are drawn to this podcast because the show is informative, entertaining, and authentic. 



The Bridechilla podcast is hosted by Aleisha McCormack, and she’s dedicated to helping you plan the wedding you actually want. She helps you step away from the bridezilla stereotype by breaking down stress-reduction tactics and offering advice about logistics. She’s the virtual bridesmaid every bride needs to get through her big day without any mishaps. She offers wedding planning tips, and also has a series of Q&As, which means she may have already answered your questions at some point. Listeners love the humorous way Aleisha calms their wedding planning jitters with a dose of humor and on-point advice. 


Inclusively Yours

This podcast is perfect for couples who don’t identify as the traditional bride and groom. This podcast is designed for LGBTQ+ couples seeking wedding planning advice. Brittny Drye launched this podcast in 2013 to fill an information gap, left by an industry that caters to heterosexual couples. Podcasts cover topics like wedding stories, budget tips, and proposal ideas. 


Woman Getting Married

This podcast is great because it’s run by a husband and wife team, so you get two perspectives! Each Thursday, Lindsay Jones, the founder of sits down with her husband Cory to answer your wedding planning questions. In the past, they’ve given advice about creating guest lists, making budgets and registries, destination weddings, and floral arrangements. This is a fun podcast with lots of banter to keep you entertained while you nail down your wedding plans. 


Hidden Creek Events

These podcasts are a great way to get started on your wedding planning process. When you’re ready to take the next step, our outstanding wedding coordinator will help you book the beautiful Hidden Creek venue for your special day. Our venue is nestled in a charming wooded area, where you can hold a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, before finishing up your magical night dancing in our indoor barn-style ballroom. With Hidden Creek, you can let go of some of the wedding planning stress. Our wedding coordinator will create an itinerary, finalize vendors, help with decorations, and every other minute detail. Contact Hidden Creek today, to start planning the first day of your happily ever after.