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5 Wedding Dessert Table Ideas That Will Sweeten Up Your Guests

Nothing is sweeter than enjoying delicious and breathtaking desserts at Hidden Creek while watching two lovebirds dance their night away. If there’s one place you can be sure your guests will gravitate to, it’s the dessert table (apart from an open bar of course). Have your dessert table be unique to you and your partner’s personality. We can create desserts or recommend local bakers that can recreate your favorite childhood flavors or any other cravings that you may have. Paired with our beautiful event venue, it’s sure to be a sweet event.

Country Pies

If your perfect wedding is rustic and welcoming, we’ll create a dessert table that reflects this delightful aura. We can offer pies and warm desserts that your family will love. All traditional flavors are on the table– apple, blueberry, cranberry pies, and more! Churros and peach cobblers are also flavorful options. Your guests’ eyes will light up. We’ll display the treats inside wooden boxes or on wooden platters. Nothing is cozier than that.


Doughnuts Go Nuts

You can never have too many doughnuts. Imagine a giant wooden doughnut wall. If you want to emphasize rustic charm, envision tree trunks as platters and doughnuts stacked up into a giant sugary tower. We can include all your favorite flavors and when you think there are enough doughnuts, we’ll add a little more. A cute display of nuts in glass jars or nutty Biscottis will complete the theme perfectly.


Green & Natural

Surprise your guests with healthy and vegan delights. Imagine the base of the dessert table covered with plants and leaves and vases with luscious flowers. Now imagine fruit platters, including pineapple cut into delicate yellow flowers and watermelon cut into a rose, ready to refresh and be scooped up by the guests. You can even have vegan cookies and cupcakes formed into mushrooms using frosting.


Milk and Cookies


If you want to transport your guests back to their childhood, milk and cookies are the way to go. You can offer a wide variety of cookies inside stylish jars. Label them and make them easily accessible. The guests will go nuts for this simple crowd favorite. The servers can bring out a fresh glass of milk when the time is ready, or even offer warm milk to accompany the warm cookies.


The Chocolate Fountain

Everyone knows a chocolate fanatic. It’s a sweet that even the most disciplined of people can’t resist. Imagine this– a rich chocolate fountain at the center of the dessert table, surrounded by all sorts of refreshing fruit and sweets ready to be made sweeter. You can place freshly peeled bananas in bowls, apple slices, and strawberries next to the wooden sticks so guests can easily dip the treats. If guests don’t want to get their hands little dirty, chocolate-covered strawberries are a great alternative. Don’t forget the marshmallows, graham crackers, Rice Krispies, and pretzels to complete the flavor experience. 

Hidden Creek Events

We are thrilled that you’re considering Hidden Creek as your dream wedding destination. Whatever the dessert table may be, our venue will make it sweeter. We offer exceptional catering and will take care of all the little details for that dream dessert table. Our goal is to have you relax and enjoy your beautiful day, while we provide the service and enticing treats that will have your guests craving more. Schedule a tour with us, so we can show you all that we have to offer. We are excited to make your dreams a reality and your special day even sweeter!

Should You Hire a DJ or a Live Band for Your Wedding Ceremony?

Should You Hire a DJ or a Live Band for Your Wedding Ceremony?

Deciding whether you want a band or a DJ to entertain your guests on your big day is an important task. What you opt for will surely set the tone for how the wedding day plays out. Choosing between the two options can be complicated because there are many things to consider.

Today, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each option, and help you make the final decision. All betrothed couples strive for wedding perfection. Your choice of music will play a large part in either achieving or missing that goal.

What Is Your Budget?

As always, the first thing everyone thinks about is the budget. How much can you afford to spend on music? Having a DJ is usually a bit more affordable than hiring an entire wedding band.

Still, most bands offer fair rates. It’s helpful to keep in mind that bands must split the payment between all members– so you’ll be paying for multiple people and instruments. When you do the math, you can see why the seemingly high price is actually quite reasonable. Of course, you can always come across bands that aren’t that pricey and are well within your wedding budget. However, you should keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If able, you may want to splurge and hire a quality band.

What Kind of Ambiance are you Seeking?

Consider the general tone you want to set for your wedding. Few things are able to set the mood better than music. So think about the overall theme of your wedding. You’ll want to make sure that every detail fits and there isn’t a clash of themes.

A DJ can bring any genre of music to the table. With them, you’ll be able to choose studio versions of any song you choose. On the other hand, a band gives you the magical feeling of a live performance. They can put their own spin on the classics and today’s top hits– making your special day even more memorable.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Once you figure out the seating chart, the cake table placement, and the possible dance floor, you need to see how much room you have left for your entertainment. A DJ will take up significantly less space and can put on a show from just about anywhere. In contrast, a live band with instruments might need a lot more room to set up and perform properly.

Our venue, Hidden Creek is large enough to accommodate either a DJ or a band. We have a convenient audio system already set in place, so your entertainers can just plugin and get the party started.

Consult Your Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner can make your wedding day a lot less stressful. If you have one, they can provide expert insights and will help you make the best decision. Since wedding planners deal with logistics, they will be able to tell you which option would be best for your budget and what will work well at your chosen venue. 

It’s always best to get several opinions before making a final decision. After all, a wedding planner is there to make your big day go as smoothly as possible.

The Choice Can Come Naturally

If you already have a clear idea of what your big day should look like, you’ve probably already pictured your guests dancing to a certain type of music. Just imagine the kind of music you want playing —  is a string quartet or a charismatic DJ more in line with your vision? Just stay true to your style, and everything will fall in place. 

If you still struggle with making the decision, our lovely wedding planner can help you set everything up. Contact Hidden Creek to book a tour of our beautiful venue or ask any questions you might have. We want to ensure your special day is as memorable as it can be.

How to Organize a Successful Corporate Event

Organizing a successful corporate event is a lengthy process. It requires you to think about every little detail, from the purpose of the event to what the decorations will look like. Starting the planning process early can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Here at Hidden Creek, we can accommodate your guests and make sure you are hosting your event in a cozy and welcoming environment.

Figure Out the Purpose of Your Event

A successful corporate event will be well thought out and have a clear purpose. Understanding what your goals are will make the planning much easier. Are you celebrating something? Are you merely inviting people for lunch or team building? Maybe you are fundraising? Or maybe it’s an educational event?

Whatever you decide on, the day has the potential to be unforgettable. You can think of the event as a chance for your attendees to have an engaging experience with both you and your brand. 

In case you still haven’t made up your mind and need a nudge, we have a list of ideas for corporate events we’d be happy to host!

Come Up With a Good Event Plan

Now that you’ve decided the primary purpose of your event, it’s time to figure out the rest. Planning can seem intimidating for some because there’s often so much to do in a short amount of time. However, there are ways to go about it with ease. 

Splitting your plan into larger and smaller tasks is always helpful. This may include budgeting, finding a venue, guest numbers, seating plans, the event theme, etc. You should also think about decor, food, music, drinks and other details.

Of course, everything seems like a big task when you’re overwhelmed. That’s why some things require professional assistance.

Find the Perfect Venue

Looking for the perfect venue can be stressful and take up too much of your time. Luckily, this is where we step in! Our beautiful, rustic setting here in Heath, TX, will suit any corporate occasion. 

But our services go far beyond offering a beautiful venue. We also have a sound system and projector to accommodate your audio and visual needs. Plus, we can check food off your list with trusted caterers that will keep your attendees satisfied. We can comfortably host up to 300 people at our event venue. Book a tour of our venue to find out if we’re the right match for your company.

Promote Your Event

Smaller-scale events don’t need much promotion because you will typically send out invites to your guests. On the other hand, sending out hundreds or thousands of invitations isn’t practical. If your event falls on a larger scale, you’ll want to promote it. 

Luckily these days we have technology and social media to help. These are very reliable ways of promoting an event. Once you find your audience, it’ll be easy to invite them to your event. If you’re not very tech-savvy, don’t let that worry you. As always, you can hire professionals who can execute the job just the way you want them to. 

Organizing Takes Time

Whenever we strive for perfection, we have to take time into account. Challenges will always present themselves, but it’s easier to deal with them when you’re not operating on a tight schedule. That’s why you should start thinking about your event months in advance.

When the time comes to pick out a suitable venue, keep us in mind. Our space is a couple of minutes away from some wonderful local hotels, so we can accommodate you even if you’re not local. Contact us with all of your questions so we can help you put together an unforgettable event. 

Hidden Creek: One of the Best Barn & Farm Wedding Venues in Dallas, TX

We here at Hidden Creek, are honored to be selected by Wedding Rule as one of the top 10 best barn & farm wedding venues in Dallas, TX. selected us due to our gorgeous wedding venue and expansive surrounding woodlands, our ability to accommodate a large number of guests exceedingly well, our amenities for the bride and groom before the ceremony commences, and our dedication to helping couples find local vendors that suit their style, needs, and budget.  Hidden Creek consistently strives to go above and beyond for our clients, and we appreciate Wedding Rule for recognizing our hard work and dedication with the Editor’s Choice award. 


Dallas Wedding Venue Blends Rustic With Elegance

Our family-owned wedding venue has been catching the eyes of engaged couples and wedding planners alike since we opened our doors in 2016. The grand trees and lush greenery populating our property lend themselves to a magical outdoor wedding ceremony– whether your personal style leans towards quaint affairs, rustic get-togethers, or elegant ceremonies. 


Wedding Rule Editor’s Choice 

According to, Hidden Creek is one of the best places to host a barn & farm wedding in Dallas, Texas. For betrothed couples looking to escape the bustling city, and enjoy a charming and peaceful wedding ceremony the Hidden Creek Event Venue is an excellent choice. As Wedding Rule’s editor discovered our barn is highly sought after for weddings due to its beauty– complete with exceptional woodwork, a gorgeous staircase, and a brilliant chandelier. The barn is vintage and constructed with high-quality classic materials to contribute to the overall aesthetic of your wedding theme, without sacrificing modern-day comforts. 


Explore Our Venue

While our reviews and nominations are a fantastic and appreciated testament to our services, we invite you to come out and explore for yourself. Once you set foot on the Hidden Creek Event Venue’s property you’ll begin to see how it will fit in with your special day. You will have the opportunity to peruse our popular photo-op spots, meet our coordinator and preferred vendors, ask questions, and gauge if we’re the right fit to fulfill your needs. 


Unforgettable Hidden Creek Weddings

Our wedding venue is located in Rockwall, Texas, near Lake Ray Hubbard. It’s just 30 minutes from Dallas– but feels like a different world. We offer in-house bartending and catering to fit any budget or cuisine preferences at your convenience. Our extensive menu is guaranteed to have the right selection for your event, and we also offer extensive vendor suggestions to make the wedding planning process a breeze. 

If our glowing reviews aren’t enough, schedule a tour and come see all that we have to offer for yourself. We would love the opportunity to show you around the venue and help you conceptualize your special day. Our private bridal and groom suites, gorgeous indoor and outdoor event spaces, rich decor, and glittering lights are sure to create a romantic ambiance on your wedding day. Get in contact today, to learn more about our wedding coordinator’s services, rideshare and lodging options, and how we can pivot to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly even on a rainy day.

Should I Hire a Wedding Planner or a Wedding Coordinator?

Some women spent hours lying on the floor of their childhood bedroom building scrapbooks and flipping through magazines dreaming of their fairytale wedding. Others didn’t give the wedding planning process a spare thought until their fiancée popped the question. Regardless, of how much thought you’ve put into your wedding, you’ll likely need to enlist the help of a professional at some point. You may choose to work with a wedding designer, wedding planner, wedding coordinator, or wedding director. A wedding designer helps you plan the aesthetics of your ceremony and reception. A director helps manage the wedding rehearsal and everything the day of. But that’s not what we’re talking about today. What you really need help with while planning your wedding is logistics. A wedding planner or wedding coordinator can help you with those needs. 


What does a wedding planner do?

A wedding planner takes care of all of the logistics. A good wedding planner takes care of the technical aspects and allows you to get creative. They are well-trained in managing a budget, finessing vendor contracts, and tracking all of the logistics. They may put in anywhere between 80 and 250 hours of work to provide vendor referrals, negotiate contracts, manage your budget, schedule tours, meetings, and tastings, coordinate lodging and transportation for guests, manage the rehearsal, and oversee the wedding day.


Should I hire a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is certainly worthwhile if their services are within your budget. Your planner will be with you from the start of the wedding planning process until you and your spouse say “I do”. They can help reduce your stress and workload, especially if you don’t have a lot of free time or lack organization skills. Wedding planners also typically have plenty of experience, so they can nail down details quickly if your wedding is fast approaching and you don’t have everything figured out. You may also want to consider hiring a wedding planner if you’re traveling a long distance to get to your venue or destination. 

What does a wedding coordinator do?

A wedding coordinator handles logistics, much as a wedding planner does. However, they typically do so on a shorter timeline. They will likely help smooth out details in the month leading up to the wedding and make sure everything goes as planned on the big day. You can expect them to put in roughly 25 hours of work. You should schedule a meeting with them about 4 to 8 weeks before your wedding so they can confirm all contracts and logistics. They can do a final walkthrough of the site and make sure all of the decorations are set up and in accordance with venue regulations. They also have the experience to know if you’ve missed anything, and quickly address it. They will also be able to help direct the rehearsal and oversee your wedding day. They won’t be with you at the cake testing, help you pick out flowers, or go with you to try on dresses, but they do take care of all of the minor but important details. They can help rent linens, haggle with vendors, confirm venue details, and more!


Should I hire a wedding coordinator?

A wedding coordinator is a good option for couples who want to take the lead on wedding planning. Still, you’re likely not experts in wedding planning, so it’s good to have a wedding coordinator ensure you didn’t miss anything. This is also a better option for people hoping to keep their budget smaller. 


Plan your dream wedding at Hidden Creek

If you’re looking for a spectacular venue and help planning the wedding of your dreams, look no further than Hidden Creek. We are one of the best wedding venues in Dallas. Our property holds a beautiful outdoor area for wedding ceremonies, a gorgeous rustic barn, and lush scenery. We are also lucky to have a talented in-house wedding coordinator. Brett Welch, the Hidden Creek Coordinator is easily accessible and can help you with planning everything from vendors to decorations. She is a trained wedding planner and is certified by the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners (AACWP). Contact Hidden Creek today to learn more about our venue and wedding planning services.