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5 Tips for a Perfect Wedding According to Dallas Wedding Coordinator Brett Welch


Brett is Hidden Creek’s wedding sales and events manager, and a talented Dallas wedding coordinator. She’s an industry pro and helps all of the weddings at the Hidden Creek wedding venue go off without a hitch. After years in the industry, she has numerous insights that many people would never even think of. Still, there are some things you just don’t think about until you have your own wedding. So today, Brett is sharing five things she wishes she’d done differently for her own wedding day. Stay tuned because these hot tips are coming from a wedding coordinator and bride, so you know they’re bound to be good!


“I wish we had done chargers.”

wedding chargerNow, we know what you’re thinking, and no we’re not talking about extra long cords so your guests can charge their phones. Although, we’re sure they would appreciate that. 

No, we’re talking about large, decorative charger plates. Logistically, these beautiful, ornamental plates catch falling food and prevent messes while keeping the food at the correct temperature. But that’s not why Brett recommends it to couples who are planning their weddings.

“They give a glow whether you do gold, silver, or a beaded trim,” said Brett. She loves the way wedding chargers fill up the room, making everything appear 10x more elegant. Just take a look at our Instagram account and see how they set off the other decorations!

“My #2 thing I wish I could change about my wedding is the DJ, sorry to say.”

When you start booking wedding entertainment, it’s important not to get swept away by an impressive background. Brett booked her wedding DJ through The Knot, and the guy had great reviews. Both she and her husband-to-be met with the guy and thought he was great. He was confident in his abilities and had even worked for a radio station in the past. Unfortunately, there’s a big difference between corporate, radio, and wedding disk jockeys.

“On the wedding day, he didn’t play my bouquet toss song. He couldn’t find it somehow? I don’t know how that works but…he literally couldn’t find the song even though we had talked a month in advance,” Brett explained. She ended up having to throw her wedding bouquet to no music when everyone got tired of waiting. He even made the couple wait 15 minutes for their grand entrance because he wasn’t ready, even though their wedding coordinator had warned him. Crazy!

So this Dallas wedding coordinator implores you to be careful about who you hire. Just because someone is excellent in their niche, doesn’t mean they have what it takes to pull off an amazing wedding. Or you may even want to consider hiring a live wedding band to avoid this altogether!

“I wish I would’ve finished hair and makeup more like an hour and a half before the ceremony just to give me time to breathe, get in my dress, and get settled.”

Brett didn’t plan on getting professional photos before the wedding ceremony so she held off on getting ready. Having done that, she now implores brides to do their hair and makeup early saying, “I felt it was a really rushed process.” As it was, Brett’s hair and makeup weren’t finished until about 45 minutes before the ceremony, and then she was rushed to get dressed. This meant she didn’t have time to rest or get beautiful photos of her getting ready with her mom, maid of honor, or bridesmaids. 


“I wish I had a first look with my dad.”

She knew at the time that many brides did first looks with the groom, but she never even considered doing one with her dad. Fortunately, she got beautiful photos of her dad at the ceremony and walking her down the aisle. 

But since her dad passed away, she would love to look back at a picture and reminisce about that special moment. You never know when your loved ones will be gone, so Brett suggests that you capture important moments that you share with your parents on your wedding day so you can look back on it. 

“The last thing that I wish I had done for my wedding was a little bit less DIY.”

DIY wedding decorationsDIY can be a lot of fun, affordable, and helps you stay in control of your wedding theme. Unfortunately, it can be time-consuming as Brett and her mom discovered on the day of her wedding. They spent five hours setting up before the wedding ceremony and also took care of all of the wedding decor preparations. She and her mom did the centerpieces, linen, and everything else. Brett actually ended up bringing three vehicles worth of decór to install, which also meant they had three vehicles worth of decorations to take down after the ceremony.

“It turned out what I think is beautiful, it honestly was so much work,” Brett laughed. Now, she recommends that brides outsource some of the work so they can spend time getting ready and relaxing with their mom instead of taking turns getting ready and setting up the venue. Enlist the help of a florist or decorator so the venue beautification process doesn’t fall on you when you should be enjoying your day.


Dallas Wedding Coordinator and Wedding Venue

Were these five tips helpful? Great, we’re glad to hear it! Check out Brett’s video to hear the things she loved about her wedding too! If you need more suggestions, contact us today and schedule a tour of the Hidden Creek event venue. Brett and our events assistant Lanie would be happy to show you around and answer all of your questions. We look forward to meeting you. 



Wedding Kit Essentials Every Blushing Bride Needs On Her Big Day

The average couple spends anywhere from 200-500 hours planning their wedding. You’d think in this time you would have prepared for any potential mishaps. Unfortunately, there’s always one or two insights you miss during this time because some things just can’t be anticipated. That’s why the wedding coordinator at Hidden Creek always recommends that brides keep an emergency wedding kit handy. If you choose to host your wedding at our venue, Brett has a comprehensive wedding kit ready to go. Just look at all of the useful goodies she has in her box!

However, as the bride, you may very well want to be prepared for anything that could happen too! That’s why today we’ve prepared the only wedding kit list you’ll ever need!

Beauty Items That Should be in Your Wedding Kit

After spending hours getting ready for your wedding, we’re already confident that you look drop dead gorgeous. Still, as you have fun throughout the day certain things can start to go array. That’s why you should always keep tweezers, bobby pins that match your hair, lotion, chapstick, extra contacts, hair spray, blotting paper, and a comb so you can refresh your look throughout the day.

Renew and Revive

Texas is hot especially if you’re running around in a heavy white wedding dress. To stay fresh as a summer breeze you should keep baby wipes, mints, perfume, and deodorant nearby so you can tidy up before the nuptials commence. 

Quick Fix Preparation

Aside from the general ickiness of getting sweaty throughout the day or accidentally smearing your makeup, you may also have some crazier problems arise. Be prepared and pack a stain remover, tampons, bandaids, snacks, a sewing kit, and fashion tape. 

We really encourage you to bring thread in any color you or your bridal party could possibly need. It’s bad enough that the poor bridesmaid in Brett’s story had to be sewed into her dress! Can you imagine if that happened to you or the groom? Matters could only be made worse if you were forced to get sewed into your dress in a bright color that didn’t match your dress at all. Avoid tragic wardrobe mishaps by staying prepared ladies! Stains, tears, and a hangry rampage are absolutely the last thing you need to worry about on your special day. Take care of yourself with these handy little tools, but if you forget something– no worries! The Hidden Creek event staff will be right by your side to save the day if you need help with anything at all. 


Keep Your Wedding Kit Fun

It’s also important to keep entertaining items with you during the rehearsal dinner and your wedding day. This is especially true if you have a young flower girl or ring bearer that you need to coax down the aisle. Pack some treats or bubbles to help keep them on track and reward them once they’re all done! Weddings can stretch for a long time so you’ll want to keep them entertained until the ceremony and reception conclude. To keep them busy, you can pack goodie bags, make a wedding day coloring book for them, or lay out some simple puzzles!


Dallas Wedding Coordinator

As you saw in the video, Hidden Creek’s wedding coordinator Brett Welch knows her stuff! If you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with unavoidable surprises and not being prepared, hold your wedding at Hidden Creek. Our event staff will help you move around any obstacles that appear on your path to marital bliss with ease. Schedule a tour today and meet with our wedding coordinator to discover all the ways we can assist you on your wedding day. We look forward to being a part of this important memory!