Month: December 2021

Determining Your Ceremony Time

There are many details that need to be refined and carefully planned out when preparing a wedding ceremony. A detail that gets overlooked sometimes is the time of the ceremony. This is especially important to consider if you are having a wedding in the winter time. Daylight Saving Time makes the days a lot shorter during this time of the year. The sunset varies depending on the area, but here in Dallas, Texas, it sets around 5:30pm. So, Hidden Creek recommends figuring out when the sunset is before scheduling your ceremony time. 

How to Determine Sunset Time

Determining the sunset time for your area is very simple. All you have to do is check the time the sun sets during the specific time of the year you are getting married. You just have to Google it and it will let you know, so you can plan in advance.

When to Schedule Ceremony

Schedule your ceremony at least two hours before the sunset. A ceremony usually takes 35 minutes or up to an hour. Then, you will also need sunlight for all of the wedding pictures after the ceremony. Imagine a photoshoot in the dark. Not exactly what you might envision for your wedding pictures. 

Now, if you are worried about having a 2pm or 3pm ceremony on a Friday because your guests will still be working, we have another option for you.

First Look Moment

Instead of having your wedding pictures after the ceremony, you can schedule them for before. Your initial thought may be, “well hold on, I don’t want my fiancé seeing me before I walk down the aisle…” but Hidden Creek has a less traditional, but very popular option for you. Have you considered a first look moment? 

A first look moment is when you and the groom get together, just you, him, and the photographer, and your partner sees you for the first time in your wedding dress. It’s a beautiful and intimate moment that you two can share, and the photographer can get cute pictures and capture the moment. Now, since you two have already seen each other, you can take all the wedding pictures before the ceremony. This allows you to have the ceremony later in the day.

Time of the Year

If you are having a summer wedding, the sunset time won’t be much of a problem. Your day will be long enough to do everything in the traditional order. However, if you decide to have a traditional wedding in the fall or winter time, you can still make that happen. 

The guests that want to be there for you on your special day, will take off that day of work to be there for you. Therefore, if you want your ceremony to be on an early afternoon on a Friday, you can still make that happen and take the wedding pictures afterwards. 

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Tips for Save-the-Date and Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding involves a lot of planning and preparation. When you get engaged, one of the first steps is to send save-the-date cards. These are different from wedding invitations. Some people try to save money by only trying to send one of these cards. However, you need to send both and Hidden Creek is here to explain why. 

What Is a Save-the-Date Card?

Save-the-date cards get sent to anyone that you plan on inviting to the wedding. This card tells people that you’re engaged and are getting married. It simply tells people the date of the wedding and to save it. These cards are very important for people that are coming from out of town. They will have to book hotels, book flights, and take time off of work. These are things that they are happy to do because they love you and want to share this experience with you, but it’s something they need to plan ahead for. They can get better rates and plan out their time off from work. 

Hidden Creek has some beautiful spots to take the save-the-date picture at our venue. This card will be something that your guests can put on their fridge to remind themselves of the upcoming event. We recommend that you send these cards within 6 to 8 months. This gives people enough time to plan. This card is the basic, general knowledge that your guests need to start planning.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are sent within 2 to 4 months before the wedding. These invitations are where you will have the RSVP section, where you tell guests how many seats are reserved for them, and where you have your wedding website listed. Hidden Creek recommends sending the invitation 3 months in advance. You don’t want to feel rushed. Catering needs to know your guest count a month before the wedding, and you will need about a month for people to send their RSVPs back. Additionally, you will probably have to make calls because some of your guests will forget to RSVP.

Wedding Website

Hidden Creek recommends that you make a wedding website. Your guests can RSVP online by simply pushing a button. This is an easier way to get a guest count, and your guests are most likely to respond to an online platform, than to mail back the RSVP form. Some wedding websites can enter in your guests’ address, so when you send thank you cards you can have all the information in one spot.

Be Specific 

When you send your invitations, you need to specify how many seats are reserved for each family. The more specific you are about who is invited, the better. If you just list the “Smith family,” that can include children, grand children, etc. To avoid confusion, specify who in the family is invited.

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Comfortable Shoes for Your Wedding

Shoes are one of the most important factors of an outfit, especially for your wedding. Heels are a beautiful accessory that highlights your wedding dress, but they can be hard to bear as the day progresses. Hidden Creek recommends that you carry an extra pair of comfortable shoes with you just in case you need to switch throughout the day. Bring some sparkly Keds, flats, or slip ons to save your feet. You will be very thankful by the end of the night. 

But apart from your own wedding shoes, your wedding guests will also need a change of shoes. All of your beautiful guests will be showing up in their stunning outfits, but if they want to be on the dance floor with you all night, they need backups for their feet. We have a perfect solution in case your guests forget to bring comfortable shoes to change into. 

The Dangers of the Dance floor

By the end of the night, you and most of your guests will be dancing the night away. A crowded space after a few drinks can become a danger zone if you don’t have the proper shoes. Heels are not very comfortable to dance in, but dancing barefoot is not a good option. Accidents happen. If your guests drop their wine glasses and your barefoot guests step on shattered glass, that’s not a pretty scene. If the floor is wet, heels are more prone to slipping. 

Your guests feet can get crushed under other sharp heels, which can result in broken bones. You don’t want to be dealing with that on your wedding night. Keeping the heels on can result in blisters, which will have your guests sitting back down. So, if you want your guests to enjoy themselves safely on the dance floor, here’s what you can do.

Rescue Flats

Rescue flats is a trending shoe brand that is specifically designed for events like weddings. Investing in these flats is a great solution into your guests’ safety and comfort. You can supply these flats in a basket in the women’s bathroom. Choose a couple different colors and sizes, such as 6, 8, and 10. Your guests will be raving about these shoes, as well as very thankful. 

In fact, these shoes can even serve as your wedding favor. This is something your guests will take home and can still use again after your wedding. Rescue Flats are a little pricey and they sell out fast. For a set of 20 pairs, you will pay around $250. You will need to pre order these shoes months in advance, to secure them for your wedding night. Hidden Creek recommends additional options to look into as well.

Comfortable Shoes Alternatives

Old Navy has black and white sandals for under a dollar a piece! They come in black and white, which are neutral colors and can match with any dress. Etsy also has some cute flip flops that you can customize for your wedding guests. You can get your names and wedding date engraved. This also serves as a great wedding favor gift.

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