At Hidden Creek Events, we love weddings and everything that comes with them, including the beautiful, candid moments captured in “First Look” photos. If you’re planning to include these special moments in your photo shoot, our gorgeous wooded lot and beautiful interior architecture make the perfect backdrops. We welcome you to call and schedule a tour of our venue for your 2020 wedding. In the meantime, here are some helpful tips for making your First Looks truly memorable.

What are First Look Photos?

First Looks are candid photos taken just before the wedding ceremony – after the couple is dressed up, but before they walk down the aisle. Some are fun and playful, like photos of the bride and groom making nervous faces or hurriedly reviewing their vows. Others are quite touching, such as the misty-eyed couple wiping away each other’s tears or gasping when they see each other in wedding finery for the first time. When taken by a professional photographer, First Looks make a deeply personal addition to the staged photos that will be snapped at the ceremony and reception.

Tip 1 – Embrace the Moment

Be proud and confident. You’re about to become one half of a happily married couple. You’re all dolled up and wearing something gorgeous. Now is not the time to let camera shyness take away from your special moment! In five years, nobody will remember a small blemish on your cheek or a stray lock of hair, but they will look back with fondness on your radiant smile and the love in your eyes they see in your First Look photos.

Tip 2 – Be Yourself

Your wedding day is your chance to show what makes you and your betrothed truly unique as a couple. If you’re quirky and not exactly the beaten-path types, incorporate some of your humor or hobbies into your First Looks. If you have a beloved pet, bring them into the picture! If you’re wearing Converse sneakers instead of heels, show them off! As long as you’re happy with the photos, you shouldn’t worry about impressing anyone else.

Tip 3 – Schedule Enough Time

The last thing you want is to look stressed out in photos that are supposed to capture a joyous moment. Give yourself and your photographer plenty of time to get ready for the shoot. Wake up early so you don’t have to rush to do your hair and makeup. If you get your First Looks taken in the morning, you can still have plenty of time for beauty touch-ups before your ceremony.

Tip 4 – Leave the Wedding Party Out

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take photos with your bridesmaids later. First Look photos are a special, private time for the couple to revel in each other’s love and capture their happy memories together. Just bring yourself, your beloved, and your photographer so the shoot will be less chaotic and more conducive to getting just the right photos.

Tip 5 – Choose a Quiet Setting

It’s hard to capture your First Look photos in a high-traffic area. Choose a quieter, more intimate setting so you and the photographer can focus on bringing your vision to life. We have plenty of those at Hidden Creek, including a ceremony site flanked by pre-lit trees, a field across the road that hosts some spectacular sunsets, a garden area, and a beautiful grand staircase. We also have tasteful photo props, like artists’ easels and wine barrels, for you to use.

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