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Upcoming and Pasts Events at Hidden Creek 

Are you still searching for the venue of your dreams? Have you decided who your wedding caterers will be? Come check out our events at Hidden Creek to help answer some of these tough questions and to see our lively venue in action. We host open houses and catering tastings throughout the year, so feel free to bring your family and friends to our beautiful venue. We are here to make the wedding planning process as easy as possible!

Open House

Hidden Creek’s open house is a favorite of ours. We have a vendor from every category come in, such as a DJ, caterer, photographer, bartender, and the list goes on. These resources are great because you get to meet the vendors in person, ask about pricing, their availability, and many of them offer discounts or promotions at our open house event. 

Hidden Creek has the venue decorated so you can see some different wedding ideas, such as where to place the sweetheart table, and you get a chance to check out our ceiling draping. We have open houses every two to three months, and we recommend that you check out this event at least once during the wedding process. 

It’s a very fun event. We have an open bar, live music, free food, and twinkle lights outside. It’s super romantic and a great date night. You get the opportunity to envision yourself in the venue, dream about the decorations, and get a feel of the area. We just had our open house on Sunday, March 20th, 2022, and we had a wonderful turnout. Be sure to catch our next one! 

Catering Tasting 

On April 1st, 2022, we will be having a catering tasting event. It’s an in-house catering event, where our chef prepares a bunch of delicious entre and appetizers to sample. We will have that in a buffet style. For this event, you have to be booked with Hidden Creek to come. Every couple gets two complimentary tickets and any additional guests will be $40 a ticket to help cover the costs of the food. 

We will have many catering options, some rentals available, and our chef will be here to answer any questions. We will also have booking deals and specials at this event. So, if you are booked with Hidden Creek, we highly recommend that you come to both events. If you already have a different caterer booked, then you only need to come to the open house. If you already booked our caterer, still come to our catering tasting event so we can talk about our different packages, maybe add an appetizer, or discuss a change in your guest count, etc. 

Hidden Creek Is Here For You

Whether you are still looking for the perfect wedding venue, or you already booked with us and want to check out our in-house catering, Hidden Creek has you covered. We offer open houses throughout the year to give you the opportunity to check out our venue, get a feel for the space, and speak with some vendors before making any big decisions. We also give our clients the opportunity to try our different plates and appetizers to help with their catering decisions. And if you would like a more personalized visit, feel free to schedule a tour with us!

What is Wedding Insurance and What Does it Cover?

Although nobody wants to think about it when planning their special day, the truth is that you never know what life’s going to throw at you. It’s important for every bride and groom to hope for the best but plan for the worst on their wedding day, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wedding insurance is a great tool to make sure you get your money back if something goes wrong at your wedding.

What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is a policy that protects couples from losing the money they invested in their wedding due to uncontrollable circumstances. Whether it’s a small mishap or a full cancellation that hits your wedding, this insurance policy makes sure you get your money back if anything goes wrong. If you’re planning a wedding that might get cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, wedding insurance is a must-have. If your insured wedding is cancelled because of the virus, you’ll be able to get your money back and start again. 

Why Should I Get Wedding Insurance?

Weddings require detailed, thorough planning to run as smoothly as possible, but even the best wedding planner can’t foresee the problems you might run into at your wedding. If someone in the wedding gets injured and has to leave, if a gown, veil or tux gets ruined, or even if a natural disaster strikes right before the wedding, the right wedding insurance policy can get you your money back. It’s always best to have a backup plan when organizing a wedding, but there are some things you just can’t predict. Wedding insurance will protect you from losing your money in these circumstances. 

What Does it Cover?

Problems with the venue, weather, key people, vendors, injury, and sickness are the biggest threats to weddings. These complications are usually covered under most wedding insurance policies. Some venues might already be insured, but if yours isn’t, most insurance policies will cover the losses if anything happens to your wedding location. If any essential vendors or key people don’t show up to the wedding, or if any key people get injured or sick, you’ll also be able to get your money back. These disasters might be out of your control, but that doesn’t mean you need to lose out on hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Have the Wedding of Your Dreams at Hidden Creek

Now might now be the ideal time to plan a wedding, but if you’re still dedicated to sticking with the plan, Hidden Creek could be the ideal venue to make your wedding perfect. Our gorgeous outdoor venue combines the privacy you need with the magical setting you want, and our wide open field is perfect for capturing dreamy sunset wedding photos. Our talented wedding coordinator, Brett Welsh, will walk you through the entire planning process and make your special day a breeze. Hidden Creek is now offering virtual tours and video conferencing to discuss the details of your wedding. Call or visit our website today to see why Hidden Creek is the perfect location for nearly any wedding.