Livestream Weddings

How to Livestream Your 2021 Wedding

Lockdown is coming to an end and event venues like Hidden Creek are easing back to full capacity. However, the pandemic introduced a great way to have a more inclusive wedding for people who can’t make it to your wedding destination– wedding broadcasts. Livestreaming will likely be here to stay even after public safety regulations are lifted. This will also continue to be a great option for guests to experience your wedding as Covid-19 vaccinations are being distributed. Not to mention, you can record the wedding ceremony and treasure it forever. 

To ensure all of your guests experience your special day in some way, you can livestream your ceremony. Then people who can’t be physically present at your wedding can still enjoy the ceremony and support you. 

Your broadcast should reflect you and your fiancée, just like the ceremony itself. Fortunately, it has never been easier to create a professional-grade broadcast on a budget.

The following tips will help create a memorable experience that would be the next best thing from actually being there. 

Make Your Livestream Exclusive

Some couples might want to share their stream with all of their social media platforms. Others prefer to be more selective. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision. However, if you want to create an exclusive viewing experience you can make a private Facebook group and stream the ceremony there.

To do this, make a private Facebook group with your wedding title and start inviting people. You can do this a few days or even months before your wedding day.  As an added benefit, your Facebook group can be a hub for wedding day resources like hotel links, wedding-specific posts, gift registry links, and reminders. It also provides a place for guests to connect and interact. Or block this feature altogether, if you’re worried about family drama on your big day.

Once you make the group, create an event. Schedule it to begin at the same time as your wedding. This placeholder will bring the event to the forefront of the group and will also provide a cool countdown effect for Facebook group visitors. 

Make Your Wedding Stream Professional 

There are several streaming options available, so you can broadcast to the social media platform of your choice. Open Broadcaster Software, better known as “OBS” is a great resource for streaming that allows for multiple camera feeds, text and logo overlays, and slideshows.

Another great platform is Switcher Studio. You can run the entire operation through iOS devices with this software. Switcher Studio allows multiple iPhones to stream to an iPad that serves as a control board video switcher. Yes, it’s possible to broadcast a professional feed using only iPhones! 

Whatever software you decide on, assign someone trustworthy to manage the operation. This isn’t something you can ask your somewhat tech-savvy cousin to manage at the last minute. There are a lot of moving pieces. You want to make sure that they are able to put together a test broadcast a couple of days before, and once again during the rehearsal. 

Make it Sound Good

Another crucial element of a good broadcast is a good audio feed. You do not want to rely on the positioning of the video microphone for listeners at home. That being said, if the venue and reception will be intimate and free of unpredictable noises like the ocean, traffic, or crying babies the iPhone or video cameras might be sufficient. 

For venues with a live PA system, a direct monitor line from the board will be ideal. Your designated stream operator should be able to create a stream-specific monitor mix bussed into your streaming device from the PA Board. Make sure to include an ambient microphone in that mix so that the stream audio doesn’t sound dry and lifeless. 

Make it Personal

Broadcasting software like OBS or Switcher Studio lets you watermark your feed with a personalized logo. Your wedding hashtag would be a great “lower third overlay” to give your stream a personal touch and as a bonus would encourage viewers to share screenshots with your wedding hashtag. 

Give your stream an additional touch with a personalized playlist to fill out the dead space before and after the ceremony. 

Technical Checklist

The tech stuff can be tricky to understand. If you want some help hiring a professional, the event coordinator at Hidden Creek Events can help point you in the right direction. However, if you want to DIY it here’s a brief checklist of items you will need:

Software Options

  •  Open Broadcaster Software (FREE)
  • Switcher Studio
  • XSplit


  • Dedicated Feed Operator 

Switcher Studio Gear

For PC/MAC Systems

Hidden Creek Events

Gear aside, the most important part of a great stream is having a great venue setting. No amount of software or gear can fake a beautiful venue. At Hidden Creek that isn’t an issue. Our event center is located in a charming wooded area, where you can hold a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, before finishing up your magical night dancing in our indoor barn-style ballroom. Our wedding coordinator will create an itinerary, finalize vendors, help with decorations, and every other minute detail. Contact Hidden Creek today, to start planning the first day of your happily ever after.


Don’t Want to Postpone your Wedding? Livestream It!

With the ongoing threat of COVID-19, many couples have made the difficult choice to cancel or postpone their wedding. Still, some lovebirds aren’t willing to delay their special day, and they have chosen to use technology to their advantage. 

At Hidden Creek, we do everything possible to help you prepare for your wedding, whether you’re intending to have a few guests present at a social distancing space and wearing face masks, or keeping everyone at a safe distance by having them join you over the internet. If you’re thinking about having a virtual wedding, here’s everything you need to know!

Choosing your Streaming Platform

With the abundance of streaming platforms out there for public use, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your special day. Platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts allow your guests to share their video on a call. Others, like Youtube Live, Instagram Live, and Facebook live, allow your guests to watch your ceremony and comment in a live chat. If you want a smaller, more personal virtual wedding, you might want to consider a group video call. If you’re planning to invite a lot of guests, a livestream might be better and more reliable. 

If you don’t want to deal with getting your marriage officiated and licensed at a later time, WebWed Mobile offers marriage licenses and the option to have an officiant at your virtual wedding, all at once! Wedfuly will also facilitate Zoom wedding ceremonies for free. Be sure to check whether or not your state requires an in-person officiant. If you can’t get officiated during your virtual wedding, you can always make your marriage legal later on. 


If you’re going the virtual route with your ceremony, why not do the same with your invitations? If you still want to give your guests the perfect wedding invitations, paper is always a great option, but you can also use companies like Paperless Post and Greenvelope. These companies give you the option to deliver magical virtual invitations to your guests. With these services, you’ll be able to surprise your guests with beautiful invitations while doing your part to save the environment!

Setting Up and Dressing Up

Virtual or not, you want your wedding day to be magical for yourself and your guests, so a reliable setup is essential. Prop your phone, tablet, or laptop up so your guests have a clear view of you and your bride or groom. Open the windows up for that perfect natural glow (tip: plan your virtual wedding to take place during golden hour for some gorgeous warm lighting!), decorate your setting with lights and potted plants, and play some music to get your guests in the mood. If you want, you can even have some champagne on-hand to pop after the ceremony! 

When it comes time for your vows and kiss, ask your guests to mute their audio. A virtual wedding might not be the special day you dreamed of, but you can still go all-out with the wardrobe! Wear the dress, or put on that stunning tuxedo. If you want to save your special outfits for an in-person ceremony, you can still go fancy with a cute summer dress or a sharp blazer.

Plan Your Future Ceremony at Hidden Creek

Whether you’re postponing your wedding or planning an in-person ceremony after your virtual wedding, make your wedding magical at Hidden Creek. Our venue offers the privacy you need with the beautiful outdoor setting you love. Book a tour on our website to see why Hidden Creek is the perfect place for your special day!