Why You Should Do a Fake Grand Exit At Your Wedding

During the wedding planning process, have you thought about the grand exit? Or a fake grand exit? Maybe you have thought about the exit after the wedding ceremony when you and your partner walk down the aisle. Whether it’s rice or bubbles that your guests throw, the moment is always documented. But what about the grand exit from the reception? This one is harder to organize since it happens at the end of the night. However, Hidden Creek has a secret for you to capture this beautiful moment. Plan a fake grand exit at your wedding reception.

What Is the Grand Exit?

The grand exit is when you exit the venue while the guests line up, wave at you– or use the grand exit items, and escort you to your car. The exit items include bubbles, sparklers, glow sticks, or rice. Your guests cheer you and your partner on, wishing you the best as you begin your new chapter in life.

The Perks of Doing a Fake Grand Exit

Although every wedding has a grand entrance, many weddings don’t have a grand exit. Why is that? It’s not that the lovebirds don’t want one, it just involves more planning and creativity to get it done. That’s why Hidden Creek suggests doing a fake grand exit. For example, if the reception is over at 11 p.m., do the fake grand exit at 9 p.m. Why would you want to do a fake one? Keep reading to find out!

Guests Are Still There

Most guests don’t stay until the very end of the reception. If you want to ensure that you have pictures with all of the special people that celebrated with you, then we recommend having the grand exit earlier in the night. That way, all of your guests can enjoy that moment with you. Not to mention, your pictures will look a lot fuller, and your elderly guests won’t feel the need to stay until the very end. They can go home after the fake grand exit and rest with peace of mind.

Ensures That Your Photographer and Videographer Can Capture the Moment

Your photographer’s and/or videographer’s shift might end before the end of the reception. Therefore, if you wait until the end to do the grand exit, you won’t have the professionals to document it. You want to ensure they can get pictures and videos, so your photo album and wedding video are wrapped up nicely with the grand exit.

You All Will Still Be a Little Sober

If you have an open bar at your wedding, who knows who will take advantage of it. By doing the fake grand exit at 9 p.m., you can rest assured that you and your guests will be soberer than at 11 p.m. Get all of the cute grand exit pictures done as early as possible, so you can let loose for the rest of the night!

Celebrate Your Love at Hidden Creek 

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