When you’re planning your perfect wedding day, there are countless considerations to make: the dress, the cake, the venue, the guest list, even the invitations can take weeks of planning. However, there is one thing couples usually don’t consider: the outbreak of a global pandemic. In this difficult time, many engaged couples are unfortunately forced to reconsider the plans they’ve made for their special day. This is having an impact on the wedding industry, but Hidden Creek is still working hard to help you craft the perfect wedding by working with you over the phone or in video conferences. Call us with your questions, and we’ll be happy to answer. 

How Coronavirus is Hitting the Wedding Industry

The average wedding in the United States costs around $33,000, and all of it goes to different industries: photography, catering, baking, venues, and more. The cancellation of weddings in the face of the COVID-19 threat will negatively impact every industry that has a hand in making weddings magical. These industries are bracing themselves for a hit, but no one knows what the future will hold. A recession seems likely at this stage of the pandemic.

Does Wedding Insurance Cover Coronavirus?

Wedding insurance is a necessary part of the planning process. Weddings are a huge investment, so the insurance is there to make sure you get your money back if something goes wrong during the wedding or in the weeks leading up to it. Considering how many things could go wrong, couples are turning to their wedding insurance policies to see how much they could save if the worst happens.

 Unfortunately, most wedding insurance contracts have a clause in their contract that excludes pre-existing conditions or communicable diseases. This means couples who cancel their weddings due to the coronavirus threat may not get their money back. If you’re reconsidering your wedding plans, be sure to check your policy to see if this clause applies to you. 

How to Keep Your Wedding Safe 

If you’re still planning on getting married despite the threat, here’s some advice to keep yourself and your guests safe. One option is to elope over a livestream. Getting married in a courthouse while your guests watch on a computer may not be the ideal wedding you had in mind, but it’s a cost effective alternative which reduces the coronavirus threat. 

You could also reschedule your wedding rather than cancelling it. You might need to pay a fee to the venue, but it would most likely still be cheaper than cancelling. The venues are also likely to be more understanding if you set your date a few months down the line.

Plan a Magical Wedding at Hidden Creek

If you’re determined to have a wedding despite the complications, Hidden Creek could be the perfect venue for your special day. Our gorgeous outdoor location gives you the privacy you need with the natural beauty you want; it’s sure to meet the needs of any wedding theme you have in mind, so you can make sure your ceremony is as stunning as you’ve always dreamed. 

Call and schedule a virtual tour of our venue to see if Hidden Creek is the right choice for you! If you’re already scheduled for a wedding date, call us if you need to postpone and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

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