It seems like every new couple wants to share their big moment with the world by posting tons of wedding photos online. This is totally understandable; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment you want to share with family and friends who couldn’t be present for the “I do’s”. But this year, more couples are insisting on phones-off wedding ceremonies. Is that the right choice for you? At Hidden Creek, we’re happy to give you the wedding ceremony of your dreams, whether the guests’ phones are unplugged or fully charged.

Be Present and Enjoy

If your life is an open book on social media, the thought of an unplugged wedding ceremony might feel unnatural. What about that perfect shot of the couple exchanging vows? Sealing the deal with a kiss? Facing the audience as a married couple for the first time?

There’s actually a great reason not to allow your guests to try and capture those moments with their camera phones: they should be present and enjoy those moments, because they will only happen once. Let the professional photographer commit these memories to film and give your guests the freedom to savor the moment without worrying about sun glare and flattering angles.

Leave Pics to the Professionals

No matter what kind of phones your guests have, they won’t compare to the professional equipment your wedding photographer will use. Professional photographers have the right lenses and settings to capture perfect photos in bright light, low light conditions, or even while the subjects are moving. Their photos will always be superior to anything captured on a camera phone.

Let your guests know that you appreciate their enthusiasm, but you’ve hired a professional so they can sit back and enjoy the ceremony. You can promise to share the photos with them after the wedding is done.

Don’t Disrupt the Ceremony

Guests with phone cameras can be quite disruptive to a wedding ceremony. Imagine it: the officiant pronounces the couple man and wife, the groom leans in to kiss the bride, and suddenly a group of people rushes into the aisle, jostling each other for the best position to get the perfect shot. That’s not very romantic, or even very polite.

Keep your guests focused on your big moment by asking them to turn off their phones before the ceremony begins. That will ensure you have a quiet, peaceful union with everyone’s attention on you.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for Unplugging Your Ceremony

Whether you’re a social media afficionado or someone who could take or leave their cell phone, we must accept the fact that phones are a constant part of our modern lives. Here are some ways to get your guests to turn theirs off without much resistance.

  • Let Them Know Ahead of Time. Specify in the wedding invitation that yours will be an unplugged ceremony so guests will know what to expect.
  • Don’t Take Their Phones. It would be rude to confiscate guests’ phones, so prepare them beforehand and trust that they will honor your wishes.
  • Set Parameters. Some guests might assume they can take photos during your ceremony as long as they don’t share them on social media. If you want a phone-free ceremony, specify that.
  • Be Reasonable. Let guests know that they are welcome to photograph and share all the other parts of your wedding, just not the ceremony itself.

Hidden Creek: We Make Your Dallas Wedding Something to Remember

With our acres of wooded land and a picturesque sunset spot just across the street, Hidden Creek is the perfect destination for your romantic wedding. We can help you plan every little detail and make sure it all goes smoothly. If you’re having a 2020 wedding in Dallas, Rockwall, or any nearby area, book a tour of our gorgeous wedding venue right now. Dates are filling up fast, and we’d hate for you to miss out!


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