What is your personal wedding style? Are you into romance and glamour, low-key casual quirkiness, or do you enjoy being swept away by vintage pieces and love stories from those who have gone before you? If you plan to wear “something old” in keeping with the bridal tradition, there are plenty of ways you can work it in to match your personal style. Here at Hidden Creek Events, we give you and your bridesmaids plenty of space to get ready in our elegant bridal suite with vanity mirrors and lots of natural light. It even has a private shower. Come see it today!

Wear an Honored Heirloom

If family is important to you, try to locate an heirloom from an ancestor, or one that holds sentimental value for your spouse’s family. This could be anything from an old embroidered handkerchief to a military medal you could pin onto your bouquet wrapping. If your dress has a pocket, you could tuck away just about anything that would fit in there: a grandparent’s lucky coin, a pressed flower from your mother’s wedding bouquet, or a small photo of your great-grandparents at their own wedding. Anything will do if it keeps the memory of a loved one with you on your special day.

Choose a Statement Stunner

Maybe you’d like a flashier ornament to wear. Heirloom wedding rings are always a brilliantly beautiful choice. If your family has one that doesn’t quite fit your finger, use it as a pendant or a wedding bouquet charm. Jeweled pins or hair combs would also be ideal statement pieces from times gone by. Diamond earrings or brooches always look great on glamorous brides. You could even add crystals to an heirloom veil to leave your sparkling touch on it before passing it on to younger generations.

Keep It Subtly Sentimental

Perhaps glitz and glamour aren’t your thing. It’s the sentiment that counts, right? Speak with your parents and grandparents to see who among your relatives has a love story worth honoring. Do you have ancestors who fell in love during the war, or who stayed married to each other for their entire adult lives? Find the most romantic love story in your family history (or your spouse’s) and put small portraits of the lovebirds inside a locket to wear around your neck, wrist, or bouquet.

Get Creatively Crafty

Some brides have their mother’s wedding dress handed down to them, and they put their skills to work embellishing or altering it to make it more personalized. If you have a dress in your family that’s not in wearable condition, consider repurposing the material to cover your ringbearer’s pillow, flower girls’ baskets, or groomsmen’s handkerchiefs. If the dress is fancy enough, you could add the original lace and pearls to your own dress, headpiece, or gloves. Or how about a bouquet wrap made from your baby blanket or christening dress? The only limit is your imagination.

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