Planning for a Socially Distanced Wedding

With the global spread of COVID-19, our definition of normal is changing. Things we took for granted, like sitting in a coffee shop or a flight to see family, are suddenly out of reach. For couples planning their “I dos”, the pandemic has caused major changes for everyone — changes so big, many couples aren’t sure what comes next.

Communicate with your guests and vendors

As unsure as everything is these days, your guests and vendors are just as confused. Family and friends are also facing a lot of questions, especially those who have to fly to be with you on your big day. With so much uncertainty, open lines of communication are essential. As soon as you know what you’re doing, pass along that information to everyone involved. Even if you’re still working out the details, just giving your guests a heads up with a change-the-date card will help calm nerves.

Get to know the latest technology 

From Zoom planning sessions to livestreaming your ceremony, there are countless ways technology can help you pull off a socially distant wedding that still feels special. Some couples are staging interactive virtual weddings by giving guests Zoom access, encouraging them all to dress up, and handing out a recipe for their signature drink so everyone can share in a special toast.

Do a Zoom tutorial and double check the internet situation at your venue. Once you feel comfortable, help your guests understand what they’ll need to do on the day of the event. Putting together a video or an easy-to-read document with screenshots will help in making the process as simple as possible.

Design a flexible dance floor

To avoid a dance floor that’s either packed with people dancing too close together or that’s completely empty because everyone is afraid, create multiple dance zones. A circle in front of the band, a few satellite floors nearby — it’s better than taping off squares to keep people apart, and anyone who doesn’t want to be part of the “main event” can enjoy a less public dance off to the side.

Know the pros and cons of your venue choices

You would have more control over your wedding having it at-home in your backyard, but professional venues will most likely have better protocols in place and have safety protocols already in place. Consider outdoor venues for larger guest counts. They’ll have more space for creative floor plans so you can spread your guests out without splitting them up in multiple rooms, and the open air will make for a safer environment.

Make Your Wedding Special at Hidden Creek

It’s okay if it takes a while to come to terms with a new vision of your wedding. You’ve waited for this moment for a long time, and compromising feels a lot like disappointment. If you can change your perspective along with your plans, you may discover that there’s still plenty of splendor in a reimagined wedding — and saving stress and money could just make your socially-distanced “I dos” feel a lot better. 

Make your special day perfect at Hidden Creek. Our beautiful outdoor venue gives you the privacy you need and the beautiful scenery you want, and our wide-open field is perfect for capturing breathtaking wedding photos. Schedule your virtual tour of Hidden Creek today!