Tips for a Memorable Minimalist Wedding

A minimalist wedding can have different meanings for different people, but everyone would agree to the fact that it is a great budget saver. This doesn’t mean that the wedding cannot be stylish. Minimalist wedding ideas, which most often feature neutral wedding color palettes, and lots of greenery, are adaptable for almost any budget and season. Proper planning is important to deliver the desired quality in a minimalist wedding, so here are our best tips for a stylish but simple wedding.

Start with the Ending in Mind

Plan your honeymoon before the wedding – Many couples are left with little to no money for their honeymoon after the wedding and reception. Plan your wedding exactly opposite to this. Plan a luxurious honeymoon first and plan your wedding with the leftover money. By this, you spend your money on the first days of your marriage together.

Use Minimal Decorations

The flowers, welcome signs, aisle markers, etc. come at a significant price. Try to reduce such expenses by using refurbished or natural decorations. If you plan your wedding in a natural setting like a Hidden Creek, the need for decorations will decrease exponentially. Mother nature will do its job to give all the necessary ambiance. 

Spend Little to Nothing on Printing

Skip the colorful embellishments and fancy calligraphy. Society has moved to a digital age where most of our communications happen over digital platforms. Consider making a wedding website which includes all the details related to your wedding. A website is more economical and minimalist than printing fancy cards. You can even send out “Save the Date” postcards with your website on them. Vellum is a go-to material for minimalists. This semi-translucent paper can be used for everything from your wedding invitations and your ceremony programs, to your escort cards, reception signage, or table numbers.

Get a Simple Wedding Dress

 If you’re planning to wear a gown for your big day, minimalist wedding dresses are a huge trend right now. This means that you’ll have plenty of embellishment-free options to try as you’re shopping for your dream dress. 

Select a minimalist cake

Personalize your wedding cake in the minimalist style by keeping it simple and sleek. You won’t see a piped buttercream wedding cake, nor an elaborately decorated fondant confection at a minimalist wedding. The cake should look muted, embellished with small amounts of greenery.

Have the perfect minimalist wedding at Hidden Creek

Hidden Creek is the perfect outdoor wedding venue to have a minimalist fairy-tale charm. Our venue combines beautiful scenery with peaceful privacy, and tucked away 

beyond the forest is an open field that’s great for capturing those sunset wedding photos. Minimalist weddings can be as stunning as grand weddings. They just focus more on quality than quantity. Remember that your wedding is about you and not about the food and fancy decorations. The overall goal is to showcase the most important details that are genuinely meaningful to you as a couple. Visit our website today to schedule your tour of Hidden Creek!