Getting all dolled up for your wedding day requires more planning than you might think. Between hair, makeup, and outfits for the bride, bridesmaids, and the maid of honor, this process takes hours and can be a huge source of stress for everyone involved. Here are a few tips to make sure your hair and makeup goes according to plan on the big day.

Get A Very Early Start

Hair and makeup will take much longer than you expect, which is why you should plan to start very early. If your wedding is at 3pm, it might be best to get started at around 7am. Remember, you aren’t the only one getting your hair and makeup done. Your makeup team needs time to work on your bridesmaids and your maid of honor. When scheduling, think about how intricate or complicated your look is going to be and plan accordingly.

The Bride Should Go Last

Your team should start with the bridesmaids, move on to the maid of honor, and finish off with the bride’s makeup. This will ensure the bride looks fresh when it’s time to walk down the aisle, and it’ll keep the process organized so there’s less confusion. While you’re waiting to get in the chair, you can do all the last-minute things you haven’t had a chance to focus on before.

Have Your Makeup Done First

When it’s your turn, your team should start with the makeup. This will be the most time-consuming part of the process, which is why you should get it out of the way before focusing on hair. Don’t put your dress on until everything else is done. Splurge on matching getting-ready robes or pajama sets for you and your bridesmaids so everyone can get ready without worrying about stray products getting on their outfits. The last thing you want is to get eyeshadow or hairspray on your dress right before the wedding!

Decide Who Pays the Beauty Bill

If you decide to get a professional makeup team, talk with your bridesmaids about who pays the bill. If it was your idea, it might be best for you to pay for it. If it isn’t in your budget or if one of your bridesmaids insists, discuss splitting the bill if nobody offers to pay.

Use This Time for Last-Minute Prep

Lastly, take advantage of the time-consuming hair and makeup process by using it to cover any last-minute preparations. Bring power strips so everyone can charge their phones for pictures and videos. Talk to and coordinate with your vendors and guests while you’re waiting for your turn in the chair, and smooth out any last-minute issues that might come up.

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