Every wedding dress is special, as beautiful and unique as the bride who wears it. Choosing one is an exciting experience, and wearing it down the aisle, at the reception, and in photographs can make a bride feel like royalty. But what happens after the celebration ends? It used to be a given that the bride would zip a protective bag around her dress and store it away forever, but the new generations are less inclined to hold onto their dresses as keepsakes. Hidden Creek Events has come up with some alternatives to hanging your dress in the back of your closet for all eternity.

What to Do with the Dress

Hand it Down

If you plan to have kids someday, you might want to preserve the dress so that you can hand it down to your daughter for her own wedding. Most dry cleaners offer dress preservation, including vacuum sealing, to keep the gown looking its best through the years. Or perhaps you have a niece or friend who is getting married. You could pass the dress, or at least its embellishments, to them.

Donate It

Not everyone can afford the expense of a brand new wedding dress, but they’re always in demand. Consider donating your dress to less fortunate brides who still deserve to look beautiful on their wedding day. Some wonderful charities include Goodwill, Brides Across America, and Adorned in Grace. The latter two serve military and first responders, and survivors of human trafficking, respectively.

Sell It

Weddings aren’t exactly cheap, and the bridal gown is usually one of the biggest single expenses. You could list yours online to try and recoup some money from your wedding ceremony. Enlist the services of Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, or Poshmark. You can also look for local consignment stores that would be happy to resell your gown.

Auction It

If your dress is especially valuable, consider putting it in a charity auction to raise money for a good cause. DonorSearch has put together a list of the top charity auction sites where you could sell your dress to the highest bidder and rest assured the money will do some real good in the world.

Trash It

We don’t mean you should dump it unceremoniously in a bin. On the contrary, trashing a wedding dress and documenting it with videos or photographs is becoming a popular and irreverent trend. Imagine going skydiving in the dress, wearing it underwater, rolling around on a sandy beach, or going bungee jumping in it. The possibilities are endless.

Create a Keepsake

You could keep a section of your dress and turn it into a sweet remembrance of your special day. Some brides make throw pillows from their dresses. Others create mini versions of their gowns and sew them onto teddy bears. You could frame some of the fabric or bind a wedding book in it, giving you a way to remember your special day that doesn’t involve saving a dress you’ll only wear once.

Wear It Again

Of course, you always have the option to keep your wedding dress for a future date. Some brides love to wear their original gown when they renew their vows. It can be a very special and loving gesture that brings back all the fond memories of the original ceremony.

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