You have started planning your wedding and are looking into vendors. However, you don’t know what is expected of them or you, and you’re hesitant to reach out. Don’t be. Clear communication is key here. These vendors are going to make your dream wedding come true, but don’t forget that it’s a business relationship. Most wedding vendors will have a contract that you must sign. However, before you do, make sure that you read through everything carefully and agree with what is written down. We have listed a couple of things you should look for in wedding vendor contracts.

Read the Entire Contract

You may be used to signing your contracts without really reading through everything. But in order to ensure that your wedding is how you envision it, we recommend reading the entire contract. Every word and line matters, so don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. Make sure that everything you discussed with them is written down. There are so many details in wedding planning, that you can sometimes forget a couple things. If they have included them in the contract, perfect. If not, you can always ask for a revision.

Get Everything in Writing

Although good wedding vendors make you feel like you are the only event in their plans, they most likely have other events they are preparing for at the same time. If you discussed a plan with them and a couple things were adjusted or added, don’t trust their word without it being in writing. We are humans, we forget things. Before you sign any contract, make sure that the extra things you negotiated are written in there.

Dates and Time

This is the most important part of the vendor contract. You don’t want your vendors showing up a day late or during an important time of your wedding, that only becomes a distraction. Check when products and services will be delivered and make sure they are correct. Also, pay attention to set-up times. You want to coordinate with all your vendors, to make sure that they don’t interrupt something.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

This past year has shown us that some things are way out of our control. Although you may have a dream wedding date in mind, there’s no way to guarantee it. However, you can prepare for unexpected circumstances. Check how long in advance you can cancel your wedding without having to pay the full amount of the expected services. There will most likely be a deposit when you sign the contract, and you might not get that back if you cancel. However, you might avoid paying in full though, if you cancel months in advance. 

A vendor might have to cancel on you. Read the contract carefully and discuss what penalties the vendor will have if they do.

Price, Additional Fees, and Time of Payment

The total cost of the services and products should be listed on the vendor contract, as well as the time of payment. There should be a breakdown of the costs and the wedding vendor’s fee. Some wedding contracts have a price-escalation clause, which covers any unforeseen expenses. Try to put a cap on the amount it can increase, such as no more than 20% of the original price, or you can try to get the clause deleted. There may be taxes and service fees as well. Look over this carefully before signing.

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