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Setup & Decor

You want your special day to be gorgeous from start to finish, and your friends at Hidden Creek will make it happen! We start you off with a picturesque, wooded setting filled with lush foliage and a field that looks stunning at dusk. Inside, you will find an iron-railed grand staircase with a beautiful chandelier above it. Our romantic uplighting comes in two colors of your choice, and we have boxwood hedge walls for rent as lovely photo backdrops. The outdoor ceremony area features a walkway, a wooden wedding arch that you can drape with fabric and flowers, and a background of trees and twinkle lights. It’s the perfect setting for a once-in-a-lifetime event!

We have a generous policy when it comes to outside decorations. If you need help choosing and setting up your decorations, we have a list of recommended decorators and florists to make your wedding ceremony and reception as beautiful as can be. We only recommend the most skilled and trusted professionals because we treat our guests like family. You deserve the best on your special day!

Just imagine the breathtaking photos you’ll display in a place of honor in your home, and the memories you’ll look back on with love and happiness. What an amazing way to begin a new phase of your life, surrounded by beauty at every turn.

Setup and Layout

You can start setting up your decorations on the day of your wedding, party, or event. Hidden Creek only hosts one event each day to ensure there are no disruptions while you’re figuring out the setup and decor. We furnish all seating arrangements, and you can rent wedding decorations from us too! Our photo-friendly scenery includes the grand staircase and chandelier, four wine barrels, and three easels.

We also provide a bridal suite, a groom’s room, a garden area, the outdoor wedding arch and ceremony site with a DJ sound system and dance floor, the indoor ballroom and reception area, and dramatic uplighting. You can choose up to two static colors for your uplighting at no additional charge. We will change the colors during your event for a fee.

Our venue is completely customizable to suit your needs. You will also have access to an online room design program where you can design the room’s layout in any way you wish. If you need some inspiration, we also attach photos of popular layouts couples have chosen in the past. Setup and decor are easy when you do it with us!

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In-House Rentals

We are so excited to announce that Hidden Creek now offers a wide range of in-house china rentals. We know as everyone starts planning their wedding day, there are a lot of moving parts that need to come together to create your perfect event. Who wouldn’t love having one less vendor to have to worry about? Renting through us marks one less item that you have to set up or resell later. Here at Hidden Creek, we offer some wonderful rentals that will elevate your day even more!

Let us help you create the most beautiful tablescapes so that when your guests enter the reception, their jaws drop in awe. We offer many colors and styles that will coincide with your vision.

You can also rent farmhouse tables and different style chairs through us, which go beautifully with our rustic elegant venue. Which setup and decor will you choose?